We hate Obama's policies

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Here the Democrats go again, playing the race card as written by Victor Reilly (“Why the hatred for Obama?” July 8).

The hatred for President Obama is for his policies and not because of his mixed race. In The Wall Street Journal’s Potomac Watch by Kimberly Strassel on July 6, she gives much more detail on “Obama’s imperial presidency.” Here are some examples:

Congress refused to pass the DREAM Act. Mr. Obama passed it with an executive order. He disagrees with criminalizing medical marijuana. Congress hasn’t repealed the law, and Mr. Obama instructs the Department of Justice to not prosecute.

He disapproves of the Defense of Marriage Act, yet rather than have Congress repeal it, he stops defending it in court. He dislikes provisions of the federal No Child Left Behind Act. He did ask Congress for fixes, but that failed – and now the Education Department issues waivers inconsistent with the statute.

Cap-and-trade was turned down by Congress, so now the Environmental Protection Agency is instituting it. Another is card check. Again rebuffed by Congress, the National Labor Relations Board approved a new election law giving employers 10 days to respond to a unionization vote.

Obama promised to transform America. I do not like his transformation, and want our president and government to follow the Constitution.

Dora Bush

Aiken, S.C.

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shrimp for breakfast
shrimp for breakfast 07/22/12 - 05:48 am
me too

I would noy only like but I insist my President and my government follow the constitution!

Techfan 07/22/12 - 06:37 am
If it's from Murdoch, you

If it's from Murdoch, you know it's "Fair and Balanced". Isn't Strassel the one who claimed that the national co-chair for Romney's finance committee is merely a private citizen and should bear no scrutiny?

carcraft 07/22/12 - 07:33 am
Gee, wouldn't it be nice for

Gee, wouldn't it be nice for Obama to quit lying about Romney? One of Obama's big donors actually ran Bain when the steel company closed. Fact check has call Obama on his lies and yet Obama keeps repeating them! Why doesn't Obama bring the dignity to the office or President it deserves?

dichotomy 07/22/12 - 09:33 am
President Obama does not

President Obama does not believe in the Constitution. The Democrat controlled Senate does not believe in the Constitution. The formally Democrat controlled House did not believe in the Constitution. And now we have seen that the Supreme Court seems to have some difficulty interpreting the intent of the Constitution. I think it is about time the majority of the American people reaffirm their believe in the words and the intent of our Constitution by whatever means necessary.

Chief Justice Roberts used this latest decision to turn an obviously unconstitutional law into one of the same petty "technicality" based rulings that we see in our liberal lower courts. He purposely rewrote the law in order to find a technicality that would make it constitutional by some wild stretch of the imagination. And he did it strictly for some warped concern about the "perception" that the court was too political. He was wrong and Obamacare is still very clearly not constitutional.

When the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial branches of our government do not believe in the intent of our Constitution to keep government from controlling our lives and forcibly taking our money and property, our very existence is in trouble. We have reached that point and conservatives, independents, and liberals should think on that long and hard before casting their next vote. Either that or prepare yourself to eat government mandated broccoli, drink only unsweetened unflavored water, eat only unsalted foods, and drive only Government Motors cars. You can be TAXED, in any amount, if you don't obey the latest socialist, or facist, or communist government regime our government dependent citizens happen to elect.

President Obama has been digging at the cornerstone of our freedom ever since he was sworn in and now Chief Justice Roberts has brought him a pry bar and stuck it in the mortar joint. I cannot find the words to express the contempt I have for both of them. Well.....I can find the words but Sean would not allow them to be posted here.

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