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In our region, local government representatives have done a fairly good job of assembling their list of the most pressing road projects for the transportation special-purpose local option sales tax, and have not fallen into the temptation of expensive, money-loser mass-transit projects that some of the other regions have included.

So what’s the problem? It’s just one more penny – and everybody pays! Let’s look at the five reasons that have moved me over to the “no” column:

• It creates a new layer of government regionally. These tend to never go away and must be fed with continuing tax dollars.

• Columbia and Richmond counties are donor counties. All of our TSPLOST dollars are not staying in our counties.

• Twenty-five percent of this new tax is not specified. County leaders will have a nice little pot of money to be spent on stuff to be named later.

• It doesn’t address corrections needed at the Georgia Department of Transportation. This new tax could raise up to $6 billion over the next 10 years, and it will pass through a department that probably has been one of the most inefficient and wasteful in state government. This tremendous increase in available funds, although mostly designated, will only increase those inefficiencies.

• The tax increase likely will cost more jobs than it creates. How many businesses won’t feel the cost of all their supplies, materials and purchases increasing another 1 percent in this economy? How many families will not notice a 1 percent increase in their household item purchases? Less purchasing power means less business; less business means fewer jobs. This increase will suck money out of the private sector in a time of close margins and, therefore, cost jobs.

We do need significant road improvement across our state, and that will cost significant money. However, don’t fall for the promise that our problems will be fixed if we pass one more tax! I urge you to vote “no” on TSPLOST July 31.

Joey Brush


(The writer is a former Georgia state representative and state senator.)

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Carleton Duvall
Carleton Duvall 07/22/12 - 07:01 am
Nice letter

It is amazing how a former representative changes his mind once he is out of office. I am, of course, assuming he would have been for it when he was in office. I could be wrong about that. I commend him for doing so.

avidreader 07/22/12 - 09:47 am
Well Said!

I especially enjoyed the part about "another layer of government". When it comes to taxes and the powers-that-be who handle these funds, the general population will always suffer.

It wasn't long ago that the voters approved the penny tax for the Board of Education. One may not like how the money is spent, but at least the money is easy to track. The full expenditures of TSPLOST will not be transparent; not after the bureaucrats start greasing their itchy palms and resort to "creative" accounting.

Vote No! No! No!

avidreader 07/22/12 - 09:49 am

I always loved the "itchy palms" story from Julius Caesar.

dichotomy 07/22/12 - 10:06 am
Good letter Joey Brush.

Good letter Joey Brush. Logical points expressed clearly and succinctly.

Much better than my letters screaming "Whaaat, another tax. Are they crazy?"

Folks, just think about this. TSPLOST will push our SALES TAXES to 8%. This is in addition to STATE INCOME TAXES of up to 6% plus STATE GASOLINE TAXES.

Now consider that there are some states who operate ENTIRELY on sales taxes, and gasoline taxes ONLY and their SALES TAX rates are between 7% and 9% or thereabouts. So, what the heck is Georgia doing so wrong with so MUCH of our money? Georgia is already taxing us every way that it is possible to tax someone and Georgia's tax rates are already pretty high. Are you seeing any great benefits from all the state (and local) taxes you pay? Is Georgia a much better maintained and well kept state than some of the states who do not have INCOME TAXES and about the same % SALES TAXES that we are already paying? The answer to that is NO, it is not in better shape that TN, FL, TX, etc. What are they doing with the already high income, gasoline, and sales taxes we already pay? We have GOT to break this cycle of voluntarily slopping the hogs everytime the politicians come running back to the trough grunting "MORE".

VOTE NO on TSPLOST and any and all future xSPLOSTs the politicians dream up to separate you from the money you work and try to save for your family. The real trick to all of this is to REPLACE our current crop of politicians with some that will manage our money better. It's a lot easier for the clowns in Atlanta to ask us for more money than it is for them to do their jobs and spend what we give them wisely. They always take the easy route and YOU always seem to fall for it. Stop being STUPID. Vote NO and watch them squirm.

fiddle_player 07/25/12 - 03:29 pm
Not voting for it either

Our area could use improvements that tsplost might benefit, and if I saw money being spent wisely, and the economy was better I might vote for it.

I see,read and hear too many things in CC that are being approved for spending and it's ridiculous. We need a major purge in our elected officials before I vote to give this county one more red cent. Too many politicians are already personally benefitting from their civil service positions, and I think anyone who has lived here for more than a few years can attest to that. Stop the madness!

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