Stop bleeding us for taxes

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Yes, something must be done. As I read the letter from Mr. Godoy (“A new civil war ahead?” July 9), I must agree.

Those of us who are working cannot continue to pay for those who won’t work. The liberal government that thinks it can continue to just print more money and tax the working class until they get all our money must be stopped. All those 1-percenters who are leaving the country and giving up their citizenship so they won’t be taxed to death have the right idea.

I work hard for my money. My money is my own! You can’t have it! Let’s do away with income tax, property tax and inheritance tax and all those other taxes that this greedy government has put into place to pay for all their entitlements. Put into effect a fair tax. Tax everyone at the cash register! Then it’s fair. Everyone buys food, clothes and gas. Whether you have a legitimate job or not, you do buy food, clothes and such. Then everyone pays, legals and illegals, working-class, rich and poor. Now that’s fair.

Now let’s see who argues about that.

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ultrarnr 07/12/12 - 11:24 pm
Regressive tax

A sales tax is the most regressive tax around hitting the poor and the middle class the hardest. FYI several studies show taxes on the wealthiest are the lowest they have been in 60 years. I don't mind paying taxes because the more I pay in taxes means my income is that much higher. I think it is appropriate that the more fortunate among us should pay a little more to help those in need.

myfather15 07/13/12 - 04:08 am
There are many people in this

There are many people in this world that are contributing to the demise of society and even more that are enablers.

The other night I was on a call for service where a woman wanted to report her pain pills and zanex stolen. I'm ALL to familiar with this woman and have had dealings with her many times. She is a drug addict first class. She had just had her prescriptions filled and was just reporting them stolen in an attempt to get more. During the interview process I asked her where she is working. Wouldn't you guess, she isn't working, she is on disability. Her only disability is that no one will hire her because she is a drug addict. Yet we have to pay for her addiction through our taxes. I've known the woman for years and have NEVER known her to have a job so my guess is she hasn't paid much into the system, just milks it for everything she can get.

I also reponded to a fight in a trailer park where two men had basically beat the crap out of each other. Both are known repeat offenders and drug abusers and neither owns a JOB. Both were arrested and during the booking process of course the same question was asked and guess what......both were on disability. Actually one was already receiving it and the other said he was awaiting approval. So let me get this straight, you can't work but you can get into an all out brawl and beat the crap out of another person, seriously? These are disgusting worms who contribute to the demise of society. Oh, but libs would say they have a disease and need help. Really???

skeptic griggsy
skeptic griggsy 07/13/12 - 06:01 am

Not only are taxes lower than ever, Obama-Biden has lowered taxes for the middle-class several times, and the Act by getting the external medical costs stabilized is helping people to pay fewer "taxes" to the insurance industry!
Why under Pres. Eisenhower, the top tax rate was ninety percent, and the economy grew! Pres. Kennedy's tax cut had little effect.Pres. Clinton raised taxes on the rich, and the economy grew.
Pres.Bush's reduction of taxes for the rich didn't work at all. The rich invest, and without middle-class and - poor demand, industries cannot make new jobs! That is part of why The Obama-Biden stimulus made for those four million jobs, and were the Goofy Old Party to once again become that Grand Old Party, Republican congressmen would have to stop worshipping that quack, Grover Norquist!
The other part was the medium-size spending. We still need big spending to really get the economy going, and for the reduction of the debt as happened under Clinton-Gore! The Roosevelt-Truman big spending got us going strong! Again, the Eisenhower-Nixon big spending got us still going. Reagan-Bush got us further into debt, and so came forth the biggest tax increase under Reagan-Dole in '83, and six more tax increases came from Reagan-Bush, and thankfully Bush-Quayle had their tax increase, of which they should be proud!
Ti's a matter of the right kind of tax cuts and when.
As long as the GOP follows the woo of the fringe economists, they deserve to lose nationally! Fact-based,not faith based economics works!
Even Milton Friedman was a fringe economist!
Santayana, that materialist, comes to mind about history.
Republi-cannots bray about free enterprise but really mean the unfettered forces,that other myth, of the farragoes of reactionary dogmas of that road to serfdom!
I realize that reactionaries, those lovers of that road,prefer their delusions of the welfare queen! They overgeneralize about the number of the devious, using Gingrich bigotry against the poor.
Mainstream economist Paul Krugman is against the living wage whilst I tentatively favor it.Also he's against government intrusion against free trade. Here I endorse Dean Baker's call for competition by having more generic drugs by reducing patents' terms.As one Republican states, let the people buy imported medicines at those cheaper rates -that Mrs. Clinton also wants.Regulations do not harm the economy, and that is another fringe myth!
Those myths serve Willard not at all but cut his stature as a political thinker! By the way, Bain offered those whom its caused bankruptcy no money in lieu of their taken away pensions!Why a Romney-Rice administration would be a rehash for the worse of the disastrous Bush-Cheney era of errors!
I admire those two conservative mainstream economists Mark Zandi and Bruce Bartlett for their work now against that fringe! David Stockman has rallied against the fringe!
When young, I too thought that fringe was right,but reality came forth!People lose employment,so unemployment insurance comes forth for them. People become disable,so Social Security, that great justified redistributor, comes forth. People become old , and Medicare comes forth. And now, more millions of people will get Medicaid, and all on private insurance will get cost reductions as the costs are going down!Small businesses and less well-off but not indigent people will get subsidies for health insurance.
Taxes here are like bulk buying- cutting costs for real buying power! People will get preventative care, reducing the pain of sickness and -saving money!
Facts, not silly intuitions, make for that more abundant life!
Obama-Biden are fighting for the middle-class and - fighting hard against that fringe thinking!
Again, the mandate affects few who would only pay $8oo for not getting private insurance and then wouldn't be what the reactionaries fear- and rightly so in this case- free riders who can pay for insurance without a subsidy
Willard loves fringe economics! Like Sen. Goldwater, he self-destructs. And he lies! Commentators on the reliable MSNBC have documented his lies. Ed and Lawrence,especially, rightfully go after the fringe with acuity!
Yes, we liberals need ever to be Trumanesque!And FDR did not mince words!Nor does V.P. Joseph P. Biden!What does Della wear boys- those New Jerseys of truth-telling!
[ I still like Perry Como.]
I endorse Freddie Sanders' five point plan!
That trouble-maker- me!
Groan and -weeep!
ultrnr, yes to the truth!It will set us the people free of the fringe- and the Koch Bros.- those two deranged men!Like, Richard Mellon Scaife, they prefer that road to serfdom!

Fundamental_Arminian 07/13/12 - 08:39 am
One-percenters leave to enjoy pursuit of happiness

    All those 1-percenters who are leaving the country and giving up their citizenship so they won’t be taxed to death have the right idea (Pamela Leonard).

Right on! Our Declaration of Independence eloquently expressed mankind's right to cast off an oppressive government. If it's fine to revolt from a government that denies its citizens the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, it must be fine to leave a nation whose confiscatory, progressive taxation denies its hardworking citizens the right to enjoy the fruit of their labor.

Our government, which welcomes illegal aliens who have come here in search of a better life, ought to be understanding toward citizens who leave legally in search of a better life. There are places in the world where hardworking, industrious people can still achieve the American dream. Of course, it aint called the American dream over there.

allhans 07/13/12 - 09:40 am
Another trillion, yes

Another trillion, yes trillion, dollars in debt for the year. One trillion each year under Obama and he could be re-elected!

southernguy08 07/13/12 - 12:23 pm
More taxes on the rich

Obama and liberal Democrats want to tax the rich more. They DON'T want a balanced budget amendment, restricting their spending and making them live within their means like the rest of us must do. PURE HYPOCRISY! And, millions want this guy to have ANOTHER four years? Where I'm from, if things have gotten worse in four years since you took office, heck, if things haven't improved in four years since you took office, YOU ARE OUT!!!!

david jennings
david jennings 07/13/12 - 12:55 pm
I hear you my father

Myfather has hit it deadon. I know more than I can count on one hand that are on or attempting to get on disability and there is absolutely nothing wrong but drugs and or sorriness. Most of these are young or fairly young, one in her late twenties, never had a job and can't get out of bed without a pill and a joint. Several of the guys are 40 on into their 50s. Pills, pot and the 1st. week of the month is great, after that it's broke, sell scrap metal or maybe a little side work.

bubbasauce 07/13/12 - 07:31 pm
Amen to all the comments.I am

Amen to all the comments.I am sick and tired of supporting sorry people who refuse to work, but they sure know how to work the welfare system!

JRC2024 07/13/12 - 11:36 pm
my father and dicotomy have

my father and dicotomy have it right. Just today two people came by my office. When I saw them I asked are y'all out spending that free money. The wife fired back F...... worked for his money. He is own diaability but can go fishing everyday and do what he wants. He is lieing. His wife gets a check and has all her life and never worked a day in her life. She gets the check because one of her eyes goes sideways. She says she cannot work because she cannot see but she passes her drivers test, does what she wants every day and gets around good-she is also fakeing. Her brother acted crazy and he gets a check. The entire family are just moochers and need to be cut off. Bubbasauce I also feel like you. I have empathy for those that work and none for those that do not.

myfather15 07/14/12 - 04:01 am
I could have gone on and on

I could have gone on and on with examples of personal dealings I've had with people and thats just MY experiences in my job. Not to mention the millions of other officers and deputies out there seeing the same thing. I've arrested people on domestics that had vodka, whiskey, beer and drugs in their house, along with their government phones and their disablity checks. Dishonest people are ruining this Country but they will pay for it one day when the only TRULY HONEST being returns to set things straight. IT SHALL HAPPEN!!

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