Endorsement flap bizarre

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I see by the July 4 Augusta Chronicle that Joseph Akers, the interim executive director of the Georgia-based National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives, is disavowing support for Capt. Scott Peebles for sheriff of Richmond County. According to Akers, “the people who endorsed Peebles are not members of that organization and do not have the right to endorse a political candidate.

First, why is there a “National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives”? Is there a need for an organization that is only for black law enforcement executives or black law enforcement officers? I am absolutely sure there are organizations out there – whether national, state or local – that accept all certified law enforcement executives and/or law enforcement officers.

This NOBLE organization looks like it is based on race and not on qualification. The NAACP and the ACLU would go into panic mode and start demonstrations or lawsuits if someone even tried to start a National Organization of White Law Enforcement Executives.

Second, those who endorsed Peebles have every right to endorse whomever they choose to endorse. Looks like Akers and this organization believe in denying others their rights – especially if those people don’t agree with this Akers or his organization. I bet Akers and company would support any black candidate for the Richmond County sheriff’s job.

This smacks of racism in its finest definition.

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Craig Spinks
Craig Spinks 07/09/12 - 01:23 am
This "endorsement flap" is...

"much ado about nothing."

Attention should be focused upon providing to voters information useful in determining who's most likely to led the RCSO in accomplishing its mission of protecting and serving ALL the people of Richmond County.

Riverman1 07/09/12 - 05:47 am
It's a Nonprofit Organization

You can't use the name of an organization you're not even a member of. In addition the organization could lose it's nonprofit status by such endorsements. These few men didn't just decide to do this on their own. Obviously someone orchestrated the whole deal that fell apart. But you are right about one thing, someone was playing the race card trying to garner black support.

mgloz1 07/11/12 - 11:11 am
Racist organizatios

such as this one exist all over America Every papaer work you fill out with your personal information asks you to idenify yourself. Why?.. We live in the most racist country in the world. I am proud to be part of it, and I accept it the way it is. Nothing is perfect. But please do not try to cover or give excuses to.. lets say it the way it is.. We are a racist country. Thats it. And by the way, I'm Mexican!

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