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I know that Georgia Health Sciences University President Ricardo Azziz is adamantly opposed to having “Augusta” in the name of the merged Augusta State University and GHSU.

There is some precedent – not the least of which is tradition. Augusta State University, the larger of the two, has had “Augusta” in its name since it first became a college. I am glad that three of the six names under consideration contain the name “Augusta.”

There are many examples from the top 100 American universities. When the Medical College of Virginia merged with Richmond Professional Institute, it became Virginia Commonwealth University. Virginia Commonwealth is a designated National Cancer Institute Cancer Center. The University of Buffalo was founded May 11, 1846, as a private medical school to train the doctors for the communities of Buffalo, Niagara Falls and surrounding villages. It later expanded to include other health sciences and undergraduate education. It is one of 61 leading research universities in the United States and Canada, and Roswell Park Cancer Institute is a designated NCI Cancer Center. The University of Pittsburgh and UCLA also are designated NCI Cancer Centers.

Other universities with the name of their city in their name include Auburn University, the University of Cincinnati and the University of Houston. Wake Forest University is no longer in Wake Forest, N.C., but maintains the name of the city where it was founded. The University of California is universally known as Berkeley. Several of these cities are smaller than Augusta.

Including “Augusta” in the name will resonate more than any name that does not include “Augusta.”

Creighton Wesley Sloan

Aiken, S.C.

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Carleton Duvall
Carleton Duvall 06/23/12 - 09:09 am

Augusta will still be here long after the good doctor is gone.

Carleton Duvall
Carleton Duvall 06/23/12 - 10:37 am
Junior College of Augusta

For those that have not been around very long the original name was "Junior College of Augusta" dating back to 1926 when the college was split off from the Academy of Richmond County. There is a lot of history attached to this school.

Little Lamb
Little Lamb 06/23/12 - 10:11 am

If you go to page four of Tom Corwin's earlier article, you will see that students at GHSU who view themselves as elititist set up and dominated the petition drive to deny Augusta in the merged university's name. Here is a link. Be sure to read page 4 (and maybe 5) of the comments and you will see what I mean.

1,000 Names

copperhead 06/23/12 - 03:16 pm
How about azziz's augusta

How about azziz's augusta university?

Fiat_Lux 06/23/12 - 04:00 pm
Totally agree, Mr. Sloan

Auburn University is an excellent comparison, as are Wake Forest and Berkeley, and also Sewanee, I might add.

And before very long, New U, hopefully, the University of Augusta Medical Center also will be an NCI designated cancer center. The powers that be are moving heaven and earth to make that happen as quickly as possible.

Quite frankly, I don't care all that much what ambitious yet callow 18-23-year-olds have come up with. They have loads of opinion and preference, but at their age and level of experience, only the most limited perspective on the world of academia.

If you doubt that, consider the names they put forward. One would identify the New U (inaccurately) as but a regional component of the University of Georgia System. We absolutely don't want to be thought of as a regional extension of UGA, first because we aren't, and secondly, because regional versions of the University System of Georgia (USG) are often commuter schools just up from junior college status.

The worst of the three by far would load on a layer of confusion regarding New U's focus and function by adding the standard, traditional A&M tag reserved for what used to be mainly trade schools. Surely that doesn't require further discussion or explanation.

And finally, UGA already is Georgia's arts and sciences university, with smaller community versions sprinkled throughout the state. I sincerely doubt the regents would ever allow such a name, which would appear, by the very name, to be a direct challenge and dilution regarding UGA's role as the primary state-supported degree-conferring institution.

Insider Information
Insider Information 06/23/12 - 07:52 pm
Name: Augusta National

Name: Augusta National University

Mascot: The Big Green Monster

Official Colors: The color of money

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