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Deputy Editorial Page Editor Joe Hotchkiss has it backward in his column about health care and religion, claiming that having to include contraception in a the health insurance plan could violate the employer’s religious convictions (“Health-care mandate is unhealthy for religious expression,” June 3).

Actually, if the employer refuses to include contraception in his employees’ health insurance plan, he may be violating the employees’ religious rights. After all, the proceeds of an employee’s compensation package belongs to the employee, not the employer. It therefore should be the employee, not the employer, who should govern the terms and conditions of his/her insurance plan.

To allow an employer, rather than the employees, to govern the terms of the company’s health insurance plan, based upon the employer’s religious convictions, is allowing the employer to impose his/her religious convictions upon his/her employees.

The same can be said of having coverage for all medical procedures, including abortion, which is still a legal procedure in spite of the many state laws being passed to try to make it impossible to obtain.

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Retired Army
Retired Army 06/10/12 - 07:33 am
Wow! This must be

Wow! This must be "Progressive Thinkers" day down town on Broad Street.

I applaud the Chronicle for this spate of opposing views printed in today's edition.

Should make for some lively debate and encourage me and others to keep our subscriptions, not to mention interest level.

As a frequent and vocal critic of the opinion page I am big enough to also say thanks when the job is well and fairly done.

Now, let's hope for increased reader response, civil debate and revenue enhancement for our home town newspaper.

Contrary to what some may perceive I want our newspaper to survive. It is a valuable tool and needed component to our society. Representing all sides of the discourse is a sure fire way to do that. I even consider it to be Patriotic.

Carleton Duvall
Carleton Duvall 06/10/12 - 08:17 am
Retired Army

You can debate this issue until the cows come home and never get two people to agree. So give it a rest.

impossible 06/10/12 - 10:26 am
All should come to understand

All should come to understand that there is such a thing as objective truth. Finding it is not so difficult, but overcoming human pride and accepting it is seemingly impossib for some folks. God created man in his own image and likeness. Ever since that time, man has attempted to return the favor. Pride was the problem in Eden and remains the basic problem today. Man needs to get over it.

gcap 06/10/12 - 10:52 am
Is it a right?

If government control of employer provided health benefits becomes the norm, then we may all become temps with no benefits. But that would be perfect for those who support Obama and government control. Employer provided health benefits began as a way for employers to attract a top notch work force. It was not then and is not now a right.

nofanofobama 06/10/12 - 07:46 pm
the employer pays for most of

the employer pays for most of the insurance bill, he also pays payroll taxes, benefits such as holidays, sick leaves and vacations as well as the compensation in money hourly weekly or monthly..this is all added up to the cost of an employee...perhaps those of us who have employee insurance ought to be more grateful instead of more demanding..no where does it state insurance is mandatory in any employer compensation package. and any time you add extras to an insurance package that cost is spread out over everyones premuims at work . unless there are riders to pay personally for extras out of the individuals employees pocket it would cost all employees more, and if this extra expense was deducted from the paychecks i am sure from the hands out club this expense would be meet with bitterness..

KSL 06/11/12 - 11:26 pm
Great comment, nofan. I have

Great comment, nofan. I have never thought many employees had a clear understanding of the actual and the imputed costs involved with their employment.

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