TSA screenings flawed

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Recently I was on the way to New York, taking a flight from Augusta. I am for air-travel security. But the screening was a bit too much. Actually, it was much more than during my last trip in March. There were six Transportation Security Administration employees, and it took them seven minutes to pass me in my T-shirt and shorts.

I think the former head of the TSA is right in his recent Wall Street Journal column (“Why airport security is broken – and how to fix it,” April 15) in which he said that he would have cut down on a lot of things that the TSA does had he been given a free hand. Further, if all the countries in the world do not follow the same screening protocols, what good is it if only the United States does it? Passengers get screened in other countries and get into planes and land in the United States.

For example, we just returned from a trip to China, and they did not ask us to remove our shoes or belts. It took them 30 seconds to let me through. No telling what is omitted in other countries.

It may not be a bad idea for Congress to take a second look at this situation. Save hours of passengers’ time and taxpayers’ money spent on the TSA while continuing as much screening as really needed. Also, in the 10-plus years after 9-11, screening technology has leaped forward. That should be used, perhaps in simple walkthroughs, to cut down – if not eliminate – screenings at the hands of humans.

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Haki 05/16/12 - 10:29 pm
Walk, drive, take a train,

Walk, drive, take a train, get on the bus, or better yet in this land of the free, buy your own airplane.

justthefacts 05/17/12 - 06:27 am
Pre Check

The pre check line has helped a lot. Only have to remove metal objects. Keep shoes, jackets, belts on and do not have to remove your computer from your bag.

stillamazed 05/17/12 - 07:30 am
Mr. Reddy, I would rather the

Mr. Reddy, I would rather the screening be to much as opposed to not enough. Why do people keep beating this issue to death? Let these people do their jobs, I for one am glad they are there to protect me and my family. Maybe it was more the day you flew because maybe for some reason a threat level was higher that day. Get over it and if you are worried about time then leave early.

Kojack 02/27/15 - 08:14 pm
no go

Did you know that if you went to Augusta Regional Airport to fly round trip to say Germany today, on a ticket that you bought last week AND your passport expires in May of this year, you will not be allowed to fly even though the airline tookyour passport information when the ticket was purchased?

What's wrong with sharing information to educate the public?
Can you really inform without having information?

I guess I'll stay home and watch TV!!

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