Ease up on ticket sharers

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The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office needs to take a fresh look at its policies regarding the scalping of Masters Tournament badges and practice round tickets.

Looking at other sporting events for precedent (i.e., Georgia Bulldogs, Atlanta Falcons, World Series, or Super Bowl) is not the answer. Unlike any other major sporting event that I know of, a large percentage of Masters ticket and badge holders share their tickets daily by agreeing to meet friends or relatives after a half-day of viewing, handing off the ticket and allowing the other party to also get into the Masters. In my own situation, I have done this on dozens of occasions.

With tickets in such high demand, it is very common for people to “share the wealth.” I am positive Augusta National Golf Club folks could give us the numbers of tickets and badges that come through the gates more than once for any given day.

What needs to happen is for the sheriff to establish a zone near Gates 6 and 10 so people can meet up and hand off tickets without fear of arrest and embarrassment. The zones need to be publicized and policed – unless, of course, the goal in the first place is to embarrass and arrest as many as possible.

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Retired Army
Retired Army 05/14/12 - 01:28 am
Mr. Jenkins, you have freely

Mr. Jenkins, you have freely admitted to the violation of Masters policy(as has my family many times) and I for one certainly hope this does not cost you and your family your badge(s). It has been a fine custom here in the Garden City to do just that(share among family and friends-but not for profit).

Back in my working days when our family had grand fathered badges, I made it my custom to share a day at no charge every year with one of my clients or their family members who would otherwise might never had a chance to enjoy the event.

My fondest memory is that of the Florida business man who asked if I could extend his badge to his uncle-a Mississippi catfish farmer. I was glad to do it and wouldn't you know it a week later a 10 lb UPS box of the finest catfish filets showed up on my doorstep. Great return on the badge I would say.

Iwannakno 05/14/12 - 09:00 am
If they are that worried

If they are that worried about it then have names on the badges and require picture ID's. The use of local law enforcement as a private gestapo police force should stop.

harley_52 05/14/12 - 03:51 pm
You're such a nice guy and a

You're such a nice guy and a fine and generous human being, "Retired Army." Modest too.

Thanks for letting us know about it while at the same time outing Mr. Jenkins as a Masters Policy violator.

I can't find anything in Mr. Jenkins' letter that violates policy any more than what you claim to have done and I happen to think his idea is a good one.

He didn't say if he was paid for his ticket either with money, or with catfish filets.

Conservative Man
Conservative Man 05/14/12 - 05:09 pm
As I've said before, you

As I've said before, you can't lay this all at the feet of the RCSO. I'd bet good money that pressure was brought to bear from the ANGC to stop as much of this as possible. Hopefully their attitude towards lawful sharing of tickets will be changed after the PR fiasco of this past April....

Pu239 05/14/12 - 10:18 pm
Its really a shame that the

Its really a shame that the pompous scare crow didn't trade his masters badge for a brain.....

KSL 05/15/12 - 03:43 am
There is something more to

There is something more to this. For years corporations have been buying blocks of tickets and sharing them with key employees. The National knows this. The first time I ever went to the Masters was on a spouse's one day ownership of 2 tickets. It was only a few years after the National people decided that they would rather have a lot of corporate members buying up blocks than individuals like my father who had been getting tickets for years.

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