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I really hope the golf fans who were arrested during the Masters Tournament do get a break.

From what I heard and read, they were not scalpers who were trying to make a bundle of cash, but sincere, honest golf fans who just wanted a chance to see the tournament. They could have been anybody – you, me, our kids. It’s easy to understand why the Augusta National Golf Club and the traffic-control people don’t want mobs hanging around the gates. Arresting people, however, doesn’t seem like the best solution.

Here’s a harebrained scheme. I wonder whether it could work. Maybe it could help the National, the fans or even the sheriff’s department and the hospitable image of Augusta. What if some convenient drop-off spots could be established – places convenient to the course, but not too close, so that they caused no traffic problems? The spots might be in restaurants on Washington Road, or maybe Surrey Center, for instance.

People with practice-round tickets, who were leaving the course for the day, could drop their tickets off. Those looking for practice tickets could pick them up, after making a “donation” – say $10 or $20 for each hour left in that day. The money collected could go to some charitable organization. More fans could get to see the course and a little bit of golf, and a charity could be the beneficiary.

Just a thought.

Richard Brotherton


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FriedFacts 05/02/12 - 05:24 am
There were no mobs at the

There were no mobs at the gate. There was no hindrance of traffic. The law says it's against the law to sell the tickets at a greater price, not buy them or ask someone to give them to you. There was no disorderly conduct. Why were most of these people jailed?

scgator 05/02/12 - 06:01 am
This is the BEST solution

This is the BEST solution that I have ever read for this problem; EVERYBODY wins and Augusta looks good at the end of it..........it's a no brainer!..............oops, this is Augusta, sad to say, they will NEVER go for it.

stillamazed 05/02/12 - 07:18 am
Sounds like a great idea

Sounds like a great idea Richard.

Willow Bailey
Willow Bailey 05/02/12 - 03:56 pm
Richard's idea is wonderful

Richard's idea is wonderful and yes it will work. Rotate approved charities annually and have a person from the charity work the event. There are many responsible volunteers in Augusta. In fact a person from the National could oversee the operation.

Carleton Duvall
Carleton Duvall 05/02/12 - 03:58 pm
Your idea is certainly

Your idea is certainly original, Dick,and is worth a try. Now for a little leadership to put your idea into action.

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