What about cost of living?

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It’s time this was said, and I don’t understand why Washington can’t see it.

There is a lot of talk by President Obama about creating jobs and the positive influence this would have on the economy. How are these jobs going to help if Obama continues to allow the big oil companies to gouge the entire country, leading to continual increases in the price of eggs, grits and bacon? These “new jobs” have to pay enough to cover the ever-increasing cost of living, and I don’t see that happening.

Ronald Reagan would not have stood for this; he would have slapped the oil companies and told them to shape up.

President Obama is a good talker but a weak president, who does not stand up for the people.

Daniel Robinson

North Augusta, S.C.

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specsta 04/25/12 - 01:41 am
Ronald Reagan would have been

Ronald Reagan would have been too busy selling weapons to Iran and funneling money to right-wing "Contra" guerrillas in Nicaragua to have anything to do with the oil companies lowering prices.

Or he would have been too busy spouting off his "Cadillac-driving welfare momma" fabricated story or working his HUD grant rigging (which led to 16 indictments and convictions) or orchestrating the savings and loan crisis or the EPA scandal. Take your pick.

I would much rather have President Obama stand up for me than the criminal elements of the Nixon, Reagan, and both Bush administrations.

desertcat6 04/25/12 - 02:31 am
Sadly, the Obama

Sadly, the Obama administration isn't all peaches and cream. They've already had their share of bungles, over reach and quasi legal actions. Some of their "legal" actions to extend grants, loans and excemptions to donors and supporters reek of corruption.

agustinian 04/25/12 - 05:53 am
Dear Mr. Robinson, I'm

Dear Mr. Robinson,
I'm not sure what your point was. That a politician can "bend the economic laws of supply and demand"? That a politician can produce more oil?
I guess you have a higher opinion of them than I do.

effete elitist liberal
effete elitist liberal 04/25/12 - 06:59 am
Just what, specifically, does

Just what, specifically, does Daniel Robinson believe RR would have done to
"shape up" Big Oil? Too bad Ronnie cannot descend from the Right Hand of God to tell us! And by the way, Daniel, would RR have taken care of high gas prices before or after He Walked on Water?

dichotomy 04/25/12 - 08:33 am
"That a politician can "bend

"That a politician can "bend the economic laws of supply and demand"? That a politician can produce more oil?"

Hmmm, let's see. Canadian pipeline. Access to the huge supplies in ANWR. Permitting drilling on federal lands in CONUS. Well, yes. It seems a politician CAN influence supply. And Obama has done everything possible to reduce the supply and drive the cost of fuel up.

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