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One recent morning, driving to church down Walton Way, a couple of thoughts came to mind when I saw the orange cones down the street and police cars at intersections.

The first thought was: Why are they running on the street when there is a nice path along the canal that would not require running on hard cement and obstructing traffic? Second: In these economically difficult times, why is law enforcement manpower being expended, making it difficult to get to church on a Sunday morning?

I think serious thought should be given to developing a course that uses the scenic route along the canal, which has a much better running surface and does not block main traffic routes, as is presently the case, allowing police to get back to their main task – protecting the public from crime.

Tom Rezner


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floridasun 03/14/12 - 10:44 pm
Whine, whine,whine... The

Whine, whine,whine...
The police were paid by the race organization. They were off duty. If was not coming out of the general budget.
Every city I have ever been in shuts down streets for foot races. Most of them occur on Sunday morning when traffic is lightest.
Personally I thought this was a great event for Augusta and I hope to see more such foot and bike races

david jennings
david jennings 03/15/12 - 06:56 am
Motorist have very little

Motorist have very little tolerance for anything that might slow them down, even the slightest impediment is unacceptable.

TParty 03/15/12 - 08:17 am
The title of the article

The title of the article should be "Protect what I want, and move people to places where I won't see them because I have me only policy."

MTBer 03/15/12 - 11:10 am
There are races on the canal,

There are races on the canal, there are races in small neighborhoods, and there are races on main streets. They are typically fund raisers for extremely worthy causes. You ought to try one. They are a thrill. Running down historic streets and past buildings that you typically zoom by in a car is such an eye opener, and it is a hoot when people on the sidewalks cheer you on.

A couple of other things, some of which have already been noted: The officers are off-duty, and are paid by the race organizers. Most of these are 5K and 10K races, and don't last more than an hour or two. Typically only one lane is shut down (as in downtown Augusta), and if an intersection is disrupted there are other ways to go around the race route.

Lastly, in an era when the majority of Americans are overweight, it ought to make you smile and have hope when you see people out running and walking. It surely shouldn't harden your heart.

Little Lamb
Little Lamb 03/15/12 - 11:53 am
Heh, heh. Next time run the

Heh, heh. Next time run the race on Walton Way or Washington Road on a week day during morning commute hours. See how many letters you get then.

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