Article showed clear bias

Well, The Augusta Chronicle has again printed a liberal-leaning opinion piece in their “news” pages expecting the readers to accept it as a news article.

I am referring to the article about Rick Santorum by the Associated Press on Page 10A of the Feb. 18 paper (“Santorum’s record under scrutiny”). This article reads like a campaign attack ad for President Obama. It is simply the bias of the left towards Santorum’s record written in such a way that it seems like fact.

It could pass as news if it were a comparison of all the candidates. However, as a stand-alone piece it is just more biased journalism. Somehow I continually expect better from The Chronicle.

The AP is a liberal-leaning news service, and as such will continue to offer biased journalism. The Chronicle should look elsewhere for news service or just call these type stories what they are – editorial opinion pieces.

Rita O’Keefe



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