Punishment was too light

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On Feb. 14 at Lakeside Middle School, a group of boys that call themselves the CRG – Charlie Rape Gang – were reported to administrators and taken in for disciplinary action. The purpose of this “gang” is to corner students, mostly in the gym locker room, and sexually harass them. If the victim fights back, they get into trouble and suspended.

I heard from my son that the students got punishments of no more than a few days of out-of-school suspension. In the student code of conduct, it states that any act of sexual harassment is punished with long-term suspension or expulsion. Some are implying that the reason the boys did not receive harsher punishment is because the administration does not want it to “look bad on its report card.”

As a parent, I am appalled that authority figures would be more concerned with their school’s appearance than the safety and welfare of the children who attend that school. What message does that send to these boys? They get to stay home for a couple days and then when they get back they can continue with their behavior. Hopefully they won’t take it out on the children who actually had the courage to report them.

Cara Doran


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smartasugarsugar 02/25/12 - 09:06 am
i worked for CCBOE for

i worked for CCBOE for several years, they are not interested in your kids best interests. they want to stay under the radar and not make any waves because big brother is watching and is only interested in self preservation. but to be honest i don't blame them if they really put their foot down most parents aren't ready to hear they are doing a crappy job raising their kid's. if you think I'm lying go sit in the HS lunch room and watch the anarchy, also stick around to witness the mess afterward, take a walk around and see how they take care of their school. oh sorry you don't have time, I understand, neither do the teachers.

pearlthesquirrel 02/25/12 - 10:43 am
It sounds to me like

It sounds to me like "business as usual" for CCBOE. I guess that's what happens when the "good ole' boy" system is firmly entrenched within Columbia County. And what about all those "parents" of those "unruly, undisciplined" students? Those same parents want to profess their unquestionable proselytization of their Christianity and God. Oh man, their hypocrisy is killing me. If I know one thing, it's this: I've never seen a problem that a 2 X 4 can't fix!

Swampman 02/25/12 - 06:25 pm
That would certainly limit

That would certainly limit the pool of teachers.

nothin2show4it 02/25/12 - 08:36 pm
Cara, I've got a great idea

Cara, I've got a great idea for you. Why don't you go down to the school and ask what was done about it rather than listen to a child. You might be surprised.

The wisdom of the above comments astounds me.

dstewartsr 02/25/12 - 08:49 pm
Dichotomy, I was a Drill. I

Dichotomy, I was a Drill. I was a substitute. One didn't help the other at all; why? You cannot have discipline when the administration undercuts it with every kowtow to making kids feel good about themselves rather than instilling self-worth that is merited by accomplishment.

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