Vets earned those benefits

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In reference to Dennis Duguay’s letter Feb. 7 (“Don’t cut veterans’ benefits”), the following can also be mentioned:

This country is free not because of the politicians, the media or the president. It is free because of the veterans and the active armed forces’ members who sacrifice their prior civilian ways of life to serve this great country of ours. If it wasn’t for us veterans, deceased and alive, a flag flying at the Capitol could well have been a Nazi or Soviet flag instead of Old Glory.

And now this country is in danger of not being the United States of America. It could well be overtaken by foreign radicals if we don’t pay attention. That is what they want, and it can be prevented only by our armed forces. They are the only ones who stand between us still being a free country or a totalitarian country.

The president and Congress must not mess with benefits that were earned by our sacrifices, blood, tears, homesickness and severe physical and mental injuries – and the ultimate sacrifice, by being killed in action. God bless and protect America.

Hector C. Zapata


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crkgrdn 02/20/12 - 10:18 am
Veterans, when they entered

Veterans, when they entered military service, signed a contract. That contract included certain specified benefits. The US Supreme Court in its earliest decisions led by Chief Justice John Marshall has ruled that a contract is a contract.

dichotomy 02/20/12 - 10:24 am
It always amazes me that the

It always amazes me that the first people who we want to cut are the ones who actually earned, and paid for, their benefits. And why? So that we can continue to provide nanny state cradle to grave benefits to those who have never contributed to the system and who, in fact, have leeched off of the taxpayers their entire lives, quite frequently for family generations. I recommend a new rule.......nothing in = nothing out. If your are hungry we have a broom, rake, or shovel that will fit your hands. If you are homeless, we have a tent and a couple of cleared acres on the edge of town with a common water spigot. Rule #2: If you actually worked and earned a defined benefit, it cannot be reduced or eliminated.

Government programs should be run like a bank. You cannot make a withdrawal without first making a deposit. Our creeping tendency to broaden freebie benefits and lower the standards to qualify for them is killing this country. Not only financially but also mentally. We have taught generations of people that nobody actually has to work.....the government will provide quite nicely and you can steal, or sell drugs, to get the rest. What we should have been teaching is that those who don't work don't eat regularly and nobody feels sorry for your lazy hide.

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