Don't cut veterans' benefits

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The Department of Defense under President Obama is downsizing the military as of 2013. The real shame is that our representatives in Congress are going along with the second part of this downsizing, which is to reduce the salary and benefits to the military – including the military who have been wounded in combat. They are doing this to save money.

How about Congress cutting its benefits, salaries and expense accounts? That would save one heck of a lot of money. Also cut Obama’s salary, and take away his wife’s vacation nonsense that costs us one heck of a lot of money.

I have had enough of this foolish, lying, poor excuse of a government we have now.

I never met a U.S. veteran who fought for socialism, and I doubt very much that the men and women in uniform now are fighting for it either.

Dennis Duguay

North Augusta, S.C.

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desertcat6 02/07/12 - 01:24 am
Wish this LTE provided more

Wish this LTE provided more details or referenced an article that did. I was able to find a few proposed budget cutting proposals that affect rettirees and veterans, but most centered around co-pays and annual fees for TRICARE and TRICARE for Life.

In other words, the cuts were paid for by making retirees/veterans pay more in fees for health care. Revenue stream changes but there is no cut in the program - it just uses less tax dollars.

Surely there are a few programs out there that can be cut without picking the pockets of veterans.

skeptic griggsy
skeptic griggsy 02/07/12 - 10:06 am
Again, define socialism! No

Again, define socialism! No one is proposing state socialism- the federal ownership or industry.Socialist proposals for specific legislation has no led to state socialism. Nor to communism. As our great president noted, people called T.R., that great Republican a socialist!
Limited government, as that great hypocrite, Pres. Jefferson would not means limiting the power of the state to do harm,but despite his pessimism about the ends of government, to pile on agency after agency to pursue the Common Good, does not go against that!As with the independent and private sectors, government can err. We need not restrict either one of those to do good but instead use our votes and get the media and government investigators to do their work to protect and serve us.
We liberals have helped the people with the growth of government and the increase of liberty and rights !Liberalism means business to help business with adequate safeguards- regulations for competition and protection of consumers as with Nixon's OSHA and EPA. We liberals have to laud him for that and Prince Bismark, that reactionary for Social Security; it matters not whence comes good ideas from the right or the left!
Why be a silly reactionary when careful study and analysis establishes as Steve Kangas does in his of liberalism and libertarianism. Google Steve Kangas,please, instead of ranting about socialism!
Be skeptical. See what Politi-fact and Fact-check have to say about who errs and to what degree. Also Media Matters ever shows reactionaries as misreporting matters.
This furthers what I state in my next letter to the editor.
By the way, that Venezuelan state socialist is a thug! Lenin was a thug who would have killed as many as Stalin had he lived longer, I daresay!
Why don't libertarians stress civil liberties instead of reactionary business proposals? Why not liberaltarianism- the united force for civil liberties?
America love her and- make her better!Instead of tellling others to leave this union, I again recommend Googling Steve Kangas, the late exponent of liberty and economic progress.

jic 02/07/12 - 09:00 pm
"As you know, you go to war

"As you know, you go to war with the army you have, not the army you might want or wish to have at a later time."
-donald rumsfeld

harley_52 02/07/12 - 09:54 pm
And Donald Rumsfeld was

And Donald Rumsfeld was absolutely right.

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