Newt might get last laugh

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In response to the Jan. 28 Augusta Chronicle Opinion section cartoon by Rick McKee:

Newt Gingrich, an accomplished American citizen in contention for the Republican presidential nomination, is depicted in a skimpily clad swimsuit somewhere on the Florida beaches, holding a sign that says “Free Kisses,” vying for women’s votes. This political sketch attempts to underrate Newt’s distinguished delivery of triumph in South Carolina.

It seems to me that the giving of oneself toward a pursuit of higher purpose such as running for office of the president of the United States should be commended.

If Newt Gingrich sweeps the Sunshine State in victory, I know of one woman that might just be glad to give him a peck on the cheek!

Mary Laurance Burch


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johncapes 01/31/12 - 07:58 am
The very fact that Newt is

The very fact that Newt is being piled on by the liberal media, and the very mainstream, moderate, and the washington insiders, both GOP and Democrats, should be a wakeup call to vote for a new kind of candidate!
Newt has baggage! so has most of the Presidents that came before!~ but none has the baggage of Obama! Newt can defeat Obama because regardless of the baggage, Obama has more! and if the truth can be told, it will take a man like Newt, to go head on with the Obama Machine that is leading us to a path of no return. Socialism.

robaroo 01/31/12 - 08:06 am
Newt is the Washington

Newt is the Washington insider.

Did you hear him tell the Cape Canaveral crowd he wants to spend billions of federal dollars setting up a moon base? I did. Did you hear him say how he was going to pay for it? I didn't.

Career politicians make all sorts of promises on the campaign trail. Thankfully they usually forget them after the election.

seenitB4 01/31/12 - 08:20 am
Newt made the horrible sin of

Newt made the horrible sin of attacking the he will be punished for that...
We all know what happens when you dare to go against the big boys.....we all know who has the ink.
Some THINK they run the government but actually the media(all kinds) run every aspect of our civilization.....they can make/break any candidate anytime they please....

allhans 01/31/12 - 03:06 pm
Newt just a few minutes ago

Newt just a few minutes ago twice called for Rick Santorum to drop out of the race. My plan has been to vote for Santorum if by chance the tons of media groups digging through Mitts financial dealings in this country, the Caymans and the Swiss account's, find something that will bring him down. They will find some things, I am sure, but will it be enough...
Since the early stages of the race for the GOP nominee those such as John King have already given the deep south (meaning S.C. GA and AL) to Newt.
So posting a plea for Newt here is talking to the choir. He already has S.C., will apparently have Ga., I doubt anyone else is listening.
The Floridians, (Fl was my home for many years), are a different breed completely.
It should be interesting. I might stay up to see the end results.

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