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It’s 2012 and we are no closer to solving the autism dilemma than we were over a decade ago.

Government health officials continue to tell us that they don’t know what is causing the numbers to rise nor how to stop it. I’ve been an autism advocate since 2000, and no matter what I believe or you believe is fueling the epidemic, very little has changed in regard to a consensus.

The one thing that has changed is the growing number of children aging into adulthood. In the next few years, well over a half-million children with autism will become adults. Every day on the Internet, in almost every state, I read stories about adults with autism who have no services and no place to go for help.

For many people who have chosen to look away from this growing problem for over a decade, we can shut our eyes no longer. The tsunami of disabled young adults with autism has arrived. As a nation, we should be obligated to take care of those who cannot take care of themselves, through no fault of their own.

It’s time now to meet this crucial dilemma head-on, with understanding, compassion and a lot of hard work.

Maurine Meleck

North Augusta, S.C.

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augusta citizen
augusta citizen 01/15/12 - 08:01 am
I have wondered often what

I have wondered often what will happen as so many autistic children age. Even before adulthood, how do their parents handle them when they get out of control as teenagers, when their physical strength becomes greater than that of their parents?

amdachel 01/15/12 - 03:07 pm
For years, as the numbers

For years, as the numbers soared, U.S. health official have been mystified about autism. They claimed that all the autism was the result of better diagnosing and no real increase at all. They gave credit to doctors for finding children who were previously mislabeled as something else. One percent of children now have an autism diagnosis including almost two percent when looking at boys alone. No one has ever found a comparable rate among adults. Top expert, Dr. Thomas Insel, head of the NIMH, has warned that 80 percent of Americans with autism are under the age of 18. He's predicting a million people who will eventually need significant care. A Harvard study from 2006 found that the average cost of care over a lifetime for ONE PERSON WITH AUTISM is $3.2 MILLION.

It's time this country got serious about autism. A once rare disorder is now so common that everyone knows someone with an affected child and no official can tell us why. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention can only give us an outdated autism rate based on children born in 1998 and the CDC has never called autism a crisis.

Why doesn't autism matter to officials?

Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism

Reuben 01/16/12 - 02:21 pm
Senator Rick Santorum wrote,

Senator Rick Santorum wrote, introduced, and pushed through the Combating Autism Act which obtained federal funding for research on autism. Hopefully the scientists will come up with answers.

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