Christmas gone; Jesus isn't

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Christmas is over. The presents have all been opened; some have been returned. The decorations are coming down, and Santa is nowhere to be found.

It was great while it lasted. The families got together; wonderful meals were served. But now the music has stopped, and we must return to reality and the responsibilities of life.

Yes, Christmas is over and the Santa to which millions paid homage is gone – but the person whose birth we celebrated is still here, and He is alive! In fact, as we just celebrated His birth, on April 8 we will celebrate His resurrection.

The efforts of the skeptic to delete His name from public view have failed because His name is embedded in human hearts all over the world. Yes, the basic truth is that God sent His Son and we call His name Jesus. Try as they may, His name is in stone throughout our nation:

“Let every Student be plainly instructed, and earnestly pressed to consider well, the main end of his life and studies is to know God and Jesus Christ which is eternal life.”

Where are these words found? These words are in the founding Rules and Precepts of Harvard University.

Yes, Santa is gone, but Jesus is still here.

Gil Ward


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soldout 01/02/12 - 05:02 am
Good letter. It was to hear

Good letter. It was to hear more saying "Merry Christmas" this year instead of Happy Holidays. If you mention how wimpy and PC that statement is to every store that displays it, less will do that. When they say happy holidays just ask what holiday? It is just an attempt to avoid the power of the name of Christ and not to avoid offending someone.

When stores display Merry Christmas tell the managers that is why you are shopping there. Every other holiday is referred to by it's name. I can assure you if the name of Jesus was in the name of Easter it would be referred to by another name. It is a name above of all names and has power and even the anti-God crowd knows that and it scares the pants off them. They are betting their life on everything He said being a lie so the insecurity of folks saying "Merry Christmas" is a little more than they can handle.

Getting God and creation out of public education wasn't really meant to destroy it as it has done but to help the God haters to sleep better at night. I don't care how their sleep at night but do care that they receive eternal rest when they leave this world instead of eternal torment.

Christians please be bold and not ashamed of the name of Christ and He won't be ashamed of you. He was meant to be an offense to many and you will bless many but offend a lot of folks too if you live a Christian life.

At least be as excited about Jesus as some are over being able to buy alcohol on Sunday!

Techfan 01/02/12 - 06:31 am
We should immediately begin a

We should immediately begin a boycott of Irving Berlin for bringing us the song "Happy Holidays". This should also include a boycott of Bing Crosby for singing the cursed song in the 1942 movie "Holiday Inn" as well as the other evil doers who have performed it such as Perry Como, Percy Faith, Peggy Lee, and Andy Williams.

corgimom 01/02/12 - 06:59 am
I cannot understand the big

I cannot understand the big flap about "Happy Holidays". There are several major holidays in the month of December. When someone tells me "Happy Holidays" I take it in the spirit in which it was meant, and thank them. I cannot imagine why anyone would think that someone should say "Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and Happy Kwanzaa" to someone.

seenitB4 01/02/12 - 07:02 am
Happy Holidays corgi..:)

Happy Holidays corgi..:)

justthefacts 01/02/12 - 09:37 am
"This should also include a

"This should also include a boycott of Bing Crosby". You do know he's dead...right?

IMRIGHTYOUREWRONG 01/02/12 - 01:15 pm
Not saying “Merry Christmas”

Not saying “Merry Christmas” is not an attack on Christianity, despite you making it out to be that way. As a business that caters to the public, it caters to all walks of life. Despite your personal beliefs, of which you are entitled to, not everyone is a Christian. So “Merry Christmas” need not apply to them. And for the record, as a non-Christian, I do say “Merry Christmas”, on one day of the year, Christmas. Not for its religious context, but for its established date. On the other 364, or this year 365, days it need not apply. And since most businesses do tend to close for Christmas, which in and of itself is sort of a shot in your whole theory, the idea that one would say “Merry Christmas” which is so definite for such an indefinite time does not make very much sense. Rather, avoid saying “Happy Kwanzaa” to a Christian or “Merry Christmas” to a Jew or any other direct reference to an unknown person and just say “Happy Holidays” which also lumps in the following week for New Years. It is really that simple, contrary to how complicated you make it sound. And even in death, someone can still be boycotted. For example, not buying one's recordings.

RonRoberts 01/02/12 - 07:22 pm
The entire month of December

The entire month of December is not "Christmas." Therefore, outside of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, there should be no obligation for anybody to say "Merry Christmas." Because December hosts MANY holidays - for more than just Christianity - saying "Happy Holidays" during the month of December is a "covers every base" sort of approach to respecting ALL denominations and persuasions.

NeverMIND that the celebration of Jesus' birth was MOVED to December - by the church; neverMIND that many customs and rituals, like the lit and decorated tree, the yule log and caroling, were "adopted" (a kind of way of saying 'hijacked') by the church to help popularize their celebration of the Savior's birth, over the years.

This "war on Christmas" is concocted, by Fox News; stop falling for it.

Incidentally, Christians, do you say "Happy Hanukkah" during the eight days of that religious celebration? Eight days is far more than two, and yet you don't hear the Jews screaming about a "war on Hanukkah," do you?

pearlthesquirrel 01/02/12 - 07:43 pm
WOW - what's up with The

WOW - what's up with The Chronicle? I mean, it took them two whole days into the New Year to print it's first "pro-religious" letter. I thought for sure there would have been one yesterday. Religion is a strange bird - I mean, when people speak of God, why is it always in the vernacular of the male form (him....his....he...etc.)? Apparently, the "people that know" must know him to be male. If I were a female, I would want to know why God couldn't be a female? Religion - a commodity/product without a guarantee, without a warranty, without a refund policy, and without any stitch of a visible product in return for your hard earned dollars - interesting. The good news...the crass commercialization of the festivities is over - well, at least for about the next 300 days it is.

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