Hands-free cells still unsafe

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Your Dec. 19 editorial on cell phone use by drivers (“Risky business”) generally was on the mark, but incorrect in its assertion that “there’s hardly any difference between (hands-free devices) and chatting with someone in the passenger seat.”

The National Safety Center, which is not a government agency, published a White Paper on distracted driving in March 2010 that was the result of an extensive review of dozens of published studies on the subject. The paper concluded that driving while talking on a cell phone was as cognitively distracting as being legally intoxicated. There was no difference in the amount of distraction while using a hands-free device.

Texting while driving was at least four times more cognitively distracting. The difference between talking on a cell phone and talking to a passenger is that the passenger can see the same things you see on the highway, and act as a second set of eyes.

William L. Rigot


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Insider Information
Insider Information 12/28/11 - 11:28 pm
The answer is simple....

The answer is simple....

Those who can't talk and drive, shouldn't.

Those who can, should.


Case closed.

Now let's move on.

itsanotherday 12/28/11 - 11:49 pm
In other words, police should

In other words, police should patrol and observe; not sit in the shadows collecting taxes.

ConcernedTaxpayer 12/29/11 - 05:50 am
I agree that texting is very

I agree that texting is very dangerous and should not be done, but stopping hands free talking and listening is just ridiculous. Next they will want to stop you from listening to the radio in the car as well.

dichotomy 12/29/11 - 09:42 am
Maybe we should add a

Maybe we should add a certification for talking on a hands free phone as a classification on our driver's license. The people who conduct the road test could observe drivers while they drive and talk to one of those "say 1 for this and 2 for that" phone trees. In fact, they could put the whole driver's test on the phone tree and you could pass your driver's test and be certified for hands free devices all at the same time.

Get real folks. Banning talking on a cell phone, hands free or otherwise, is virtually unenforceable. Forget about it and move on. The manufacturers could make the phones where they would not make or receive calls if the GPS detected they were moving but my guess is that it would be the end of people upgrading their phones so that ain't gonna happen.

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