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Perhaps you should consider publishing an Associated Press article by Seanna Adcox published in another area paper. Hopefully, Aiken County will take heed of, and act on, the article – most importantly, the part about parental engagement. Further, you may want to publish it as part of an editorial from you to the Richmond County schools superintendent and the non-engaged parents.

The article is about Spartanburg’s Arcadia Elementary School and its success rate with underprivileged, non-English-speaking pupils who live in poverty. The part that should be highlighted is parental engagement. I believe that is what is missing in today’s schools – especially a parent’s engagement, not some aunt or grandmother. Notice, if you will, that the school isn’t waiting for a government handout or other giveaway to make their program a success.

What I really expect is that you will just discard this, and let things continue as they are in Richmond County. For shame.

Richard Wilson

Aiken, S.C.

Requested story

While the story mentioned in the letter above has not been published in the Chronicle, it can be found online here:

Spartanburg school excelling despite challenges

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Craig Spinks
Craig Spinks 11/28/11 - 03:40 am
Mr. Wilson is correct in his

Mr. Wilson is correct in his assertion about the importance of parental involvement in public schooling. A parental involvement which goes beyond attendance at PTA meetings and buying fund-raiser candy to include frequent visits to one's kids' schools during the instructional day will result in academic improvements and may work wonders.

Now, I must ask: Aside from Glenn Hills High's Dr. Wayne Frazier, how many RCSS prinicipals and administrators really want parents in RCBOE-controlled schools?

InChristLove 11/28/11 - 07:00 am
Mr. Spinks, I agree with what

Mr. Spinks, I agree with what you are saying and I believe that parents should make frequent visits to their child's school when they are in elementary and middle school, but if I had frequently visited my son's high school....He would have been ridiculed so harshly by his peers and our family would have faced a worse "teenage wrath" years. High school is a time of them finding themselves and don't need mom or dad coming to spend time with them in the classroom. That is best kept to their younger years and if done properly, by the time they reach high school they will already have the necessary discipline to achieve high academics.

Carleton Duvall
Carleton Duvall 11/28/11 - 07:45 am
My first wife and I(she

My first wife and I(she passed away in 1999) lived in Barrington, RI for twelve years starting in 1973. While there our oldest grandson lived with us for a year. He was seven at the time and we enrolled him in one of Barrington's grade schools. We decided to attend a PTA meeting something we had not done since our own children were in school. We were faced with a standing room only crowd. We learned that to get a seat that we needed to get there at least thirty minutes early. These parents were involved. As a result these kids were getting a fine education. You cannot beat parent involvement .

broad street narrow mind
broad street narrow mind 11/28/11 - 12:23 pm
i propose a pta share

i propose a pta share program. each successful school's pta could pair up with a struggling school's pta. it would be eye-opening for both groups, i believe, and the poorer neighborhoods might enjoy some wealthier people with more political clout taking an interest in their kids' particular schools up close.

Little Lamb
Little Lamb 11/28/11 - 12:46 pm
We could go a little farther

We could go a little farther than that, BSNM. We could have all the PTA school organizations in Richmond County pool their treasuries and then divvy the money up equally among all schools. That way, no school serving low-performing students would have its self-esteem bruised. It's only fair!

goinggreen 11/28/11 - 02:04 pm
A colossal disappointment

A colossal disappointment that the Richmond County Schools continues to have a canned response to students' underperformance, which never includes the deplorable lack of parent involvement among the poorest performers. How about Board members and Administrators using their bully pulpit to focus on the one factor that would turn the system around? The performing schools and performing students are the ones whose parents care. Let's stop making all these ridiculous excuses for poor test performance year after year, RCBOE administrators, and finally acknowledge where the problem is. The excuses are unprofessional and a cover-up. How many of us do you think actually buy this nonsense?

allhans 11/28/11 - 11:05 pm
The parents who should be but

The parents who should be but aren't involved don't read newpapers so there must be a better way to get the message out.

Bruno 11/29/11 - 12:07 am
It could very well be argued

It could very well be argued that parent involvement is what holds the teachers and administrators accountable and makes sure that they perform.

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