Crash verdict suspicious

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Did Aiken County deliver justice in the 2010 fatal Beech Island bicycle crash?

The driver reportedly tried out several excuses for his “distraction,” finally settling on two that were promptly found “plausible.” A reasonable person might ask which excuses were lies. Just some? All? Then, Solicitor J. Strom Thurmond was amazingly accommodating in accepting a slight variation of the distraction excuses.

No drugs or alcohol involved? Really? How does Thurmond know that? There is no mention or results of a field sobriety test being administered. It is hard to believe the driver did not notice a pack of 20 cyclists ahead – on a straight road, in daylight. Ever seen a pack of cyclists? Always a riot of colors, and in this case it is asserted that some of these cyclists were equipped with blinking red lights.

Is or was the driver’s depth perception impaired? And what were the driver’s whereabouts in the hours preceding the crash? Was the driver in the act of passing the cyclists when he struck them? If so, what was the location of the dent to his vehicle? If not passing the cyclists, why not?

The determined lack of curiosity on the part of local media is very disappointing. The account and the outcome of this crash do not even remotely pass the smell test. Based on published accounts, substandard investigative reporting likely contributed to the ridiculously light sentence. And what message does the sentence send to drivers in the CSRA?

Ed Trottier

Aiken, S.C.

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Craig Spinks
Craig Spinks 11/06/11 - 03:08 am
Ed, It's called "Carolina


It's called "Carolina 'justice'."

Let me analogize: Cj : Justice :: rotten liver : caviar.

agustinian 11/06/11 - 06:16 am
Ed, It could be worse. Bill

It could be worse. Bill Adams was mowed down by a driver in North Augusta in front of his house while raking leaves on the side of the road in 2009. It happened at 2:30 pm. The driver left the scene and returned 20 minutes later. Driver not charged with any crime, nor was she sobriety tested in the field or by chemicals.

Mr. Thurmond thought that case was handled well -- and so did the mayor and the police.

Carolina Justice -- it's an oxymoron!

Little Lamb
Little Lamb 11/06/11 - 11:44 am
You can bet that several of

You can bet that several of the people in the "pack" as Ed Trottier calls it were riding more than two abreast in violation of S.C. law. The cyclists should have been cited as well, but the police didn't see them.

athome 11/06/11 - 09:41 pm
There was never any

There was never any indication that this was anything but a tragic accident. It was "tried" extensively in the media, letters to the editor, etc. More recently another Ft Gordon physician was killed while riding his bicycle. I've seen no such publicity about that one. Accidents do happen and people sometimes get hurt or die. Risky behaviors are more likely to have poor outcomes--- in bicycling and in life. This case is over; let it be.

Beattybugs 11/07/11 - 09:41 am
Think twice before you ride

Think twice before you ride your bicycle in South Carolina or step into the street to leave yard refuse.

Think twice before you trust South Carolina law enforcement to represent you in a court of law after it's too late for you to represent yourself.

Think twice and don't forget the people who have lost their lives on South Carolina roads and their grieving families who must carry the additional pain of seeing that justice is not served in South Carolina.

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