Washington just can't stop spending

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To swap an increase in the federal debt limit for "some" spending cuts is insanity! But that's what Republicans say.

When it comes to debt, a government is like an individual, and an individual can't increase his ability to borrow more. He pays off the debt he owes.

Obama and both parties in Congress stand around so egotistically self- assured believing they know more than those of us who get robbed by government. But look at these freaks' track record. They haven't got a clue. All they know is that they're spending somebody else's money. It's fun for them, so they steadfastly refuse to stop their delightful thievery.

When you, readers, are flat broke and in the hole, you know you must stop spending. Do you instead go out and borrow more, by force -- the way government works? If so, you belong in the present day Washington, D.C., asylum for corrupt and pompous lunatics.

We will continue to get robbed by those pretending to "represent" us until we force them to stop political thievery, and figure out what parts of government must be permanently ended. Then they must end them! They could easily start with the unconstitutional stuff.

Bill Dekle


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Craig Spinks
Craig Spinks 07/17/11 - 05:24 am
Mr. Dekle, How do you propose

Mr. Dekle,

How do you propose that "...we force them to stop...?"

southernguy08 07/17/11 - 07:32 am
Well Bill, our "brilliant"

Well Bill, our "brilliant" president (Yeah, I'm laughing too.) said recently "We don't need a balanced budget amendment." However, he still wants tax increases on "the wealthy." Now I'm no expert, but if you increase the amount of money these morons in congress and the WH have with no restrictions on how they use it, what's to stop them from spending us deeper into debt? Answer: NOTHING! Of course, the Republicans are painted by liberals as not putting a plan forward, even though they have in fact, including the establishment of a balanced budget amendment. Obama and the Dems oppose it. What a surprise.

sconservative 07/17/11 - 07:50 am
Cut spending to match

Cut spending to match revenues.

Cap the expense of government at 18-20% of GDP.

Balanced Budget Amendment must be passed and ratified.

Also, check out HR 2409 by Paul Broun & Jeff Duncan

desertcat6 07/17/11 - 09:37 am
I don't care who's to blame

I don't care who's to blame as much as I want the debt problem fixed and a government that operates sanely and within its means. For the record, Congress funds the nation through revenue and debt bills. Budget bills are the program of execution. Once signed into law by the President, the executive branch executes the budget law through the OMB and support of the federal reserve.

Congress more than any one President is responsible for getting our nation in this mess. President's aren't blameless. Some started wars that Congress supported and funded without revenue. Some enacted policies that cut-off revenue and bailed out big cats and states that Congress supported and funded without revenue.

Now one party wants to reduce the budget in order to raise the debt limit. The other wants to reduce the buudget and increase revenue by changing the tax code to raise the debt limit. Oh yeah, the economy is in one of its worse down turns - ever.

Is raising taxes required to reduce the budget? No, but it scores political points in a variety of ways.

The only way to stop the madness is to continue to elect Congressmen and a President who pledge to balance the budget, and to hold them accountable. If enough are elected, it could also lead to laws or CONSTITUTIONAL ammendment to balance the budget.

Gary Ross
Gary Ross 07/17/11 - 11:44 am
I agree with desertcat6.

I agree with desertcat6. It's all in the way we vote. Voting is not a TV gameshow, it's serious business. One problem is that we have more than half the population that believes everything they hear, and they vote according to the tickle in their ear. Another more serious problem is government accountability. The combination of those two things are spelling disaster.

Ask someone who was laid off through no fault of their own, and they will tell you that borrowing without an income to match will only get you deeper in debt. The only answer is to limit spending to match income. Likewise, demanding more taxes to keep a fat government running in a "business as usual" mode is not the answer.

We all need to take our voting seriously from now on. It's up to "We the People" whether or not this country will survive.

allhans 07/17/11 - 12:34 pm
The MSM would have you

The MSM would have you believe (and too many believe what they hear) that if the debt limit is increased everything will be hunky-dory. Not true. All ratings agencies, Standard & Poor etc. plainly states that spending MUST be brought under control.
The left wants the limit raised so that they can spend more...
we are in a sad situation.

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