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I think it would be a good idea to start a new column, indicating local governments' waste of taxpayers' money or inactivity.

One example is Summerfield Park in North Augusta, S.C., where they built a spray park, complete with an artificial palm tree. Work started the first of this year and finally was completed in late April. Then a "no trespassing" fence was put up. This was so the Department of Health and Environmental Control could test the water. As of July 4, the rental fence is still up; the council will not tell me the cost of the park.

In Augusta, on upper Broad Street just past Julian Smith Casino, about three weeks ago a storm brought down a big limb, blocking the sidewalk -- and it is still there. This sidewalk is used frequently. Also, the county doesn't seen to have cleaned the storm sewers or curbing for more than a year.

Dave Connar

North Augusta, S.C.

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Craig Spinks
Craig Spinks 07/07/11 - 03:07 am
KUDOS to Mr. Connar for doing

KUDOS to Mr. Connar for doing his duty as an American Citizen.

southernguy08 07/07/11 - 07:34 am
Dave, government waste is as

Dave, government waste is as normal as corrupt politics in Chicago. Government isn't by nature designed to be efficient because it doesn't have to make a profit. This is why handing over our healthcare to government is so stupid.

Granddaddy John
Granddaddy John 07/07/11 - 07:43 am
Don't worry mate,they'll have

Don't worry mate,they'll have it cleaned up a couple weeks before the Masters start.

Chillen 07/07/11 - 09:09 am
I think that a "watchdog"

I think that a "watchdog" column or section would be a great idea to expose govt waste, of which there is TONS!

Govt Waste could be one of the tabs to click on like the Opinion or Life tabs. Watchdog citizens & govt employees could report in wasteful spending & who did it and how to contact them. Planned wasteful spending could be highlighted with appropriate contacts for the citizens to get it stopped. THIS is the media's job. To inform the public. And they'd have plenty of help from posting citizens. Policians & govt workers could write in to "explain" their position or their reason for wasteful spending.

A column could appear in the print paper every Sunday summarizing everything.

An odd phenomenon exists here locally. Conservatives & Tea party Conservatives seem to be all up in arms about federal spending. But those same "conservatives" are OK with excessive local spending. They need to do a self "check". Spending is spending.

Here in Columbia County we have schools with stacked stone on the outside of them. We have new stadiums being built for schools with perfectly functional & fairly new stadiums. We have new park signs being erected. We have soccer parks that rival professional athletic complexes. We constantly have new county "logos" - requiring new signs, letterhead, etc. We have ponds in gated communities that the general public must pay millions for but cannot access.

Waste Not. Want Not. We simply must get our governments under control. Starting here at the local level.

burninater 07/07/11 - 01:12 pm
We want to decrease taxation

We want to decrease taxation and government services ... yet don't take the initiative to shoulder something as simple as removing a tree limb from a sidewalk.

I'm starting to think people are looking for a Mommy State when they complain about the Nanny State: do everything the nanny would do, but make sure it doesn't cost me a penny!

seenitB4 07/08/11 - 08:00 am
A good ole boy would jump out

A good ole boy would jump out of his pickup & use his chain saw & get rid of that limb across the sidewalk...I'm married to one & he has been known to clear trees from highways....1st husband put out car fires when we ran up on one......I wonder what the next husband will do????

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