Has American Experiment run its course?

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How much money is enough? A recent letter writer stated the question, backed it up with questionable statistics and did not understand why so much money is concentrated in the hands of the wealthy.

The writer did have a moment of lucidity when he wrote, "I'm not saying seize money from the rich." But the Democratic politicians are not so understanding; they want all the money, from all the rich, all the time. But that won't be realistic until the nation turns to socialism, in which everyone exists at survival levels of income and surrenders their money to the U.S. Treasury, who will, as President Obama famously stated, "spread it all around," or words to that effect.

Anyone who has studied history of the 1776 rebellion against England understands that, at some point, things get bloody. Thomas Jefferson allowed that "the Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its true manure." Seizing and spreading wealthy people's wealth around England was not popular then, and appears popular in today's society, but will reveal the same results.

The American Experiment has about run its course, it seems. Class envy only brings revolt because we can't really define who the "rich" are, and who are the "poor" are. As Walter Williams pointed out, "rich people didn't become rich by being stupid." Nor do they stand around asking stupid questions.

If I had room, I could explain about status, power and politics involved in wealth -- but I'll pass for now.

Richard E. Hogue


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dougk 06/16/11 - 07:19 am
Perhaps if you had explained

Perhaps if you had explained about status, power, and politics involved in wealth, Mr. Hogue, your letter may have had a thesis.

allhans 06/16/11 - 09:57 am
There are those who are

There are those who are determined to climb to the top of the mountain - then there are those who sit in the shade at the bottom and criticize him.
The person willing to work hard deserves his rewards.

TrukinRanger 06/16/11 - 10:42 am
Can't define who the rich or

Can't define who the rich or poor are?? Let's see, the rich are the ones that get tax exemptions on their enormous salaries... and the poor are the ones that still have to pay their fair share and have less for themselves afterwards! A lot of the "rich" don't earn it either- good chunk of it is either handed down via the silver spoon or they've sold their souls to get it. We should really get away with our current tax system and just go to the Fair Tax.. where everyone pays THEIR fair share!

rmwhitley 06/16/11 - 06:27 pm
America's downfall started

America's downfall started many years ago, aided by non-repealable legislations in 1964 and 1965, the election of an avowed America basher in 2008, and an entitlement mentality promulgated by the Roosevelts. I don't recognize the country I served and grew up in, anymore. Diversity is one thing but dilution is an altogether different strategy used by the mainstream media, dems and the left. United States of America, R.I.P.

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