New mothers deserve some quiet time

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Regarding the April 25 Chronicle story "New moms get some 'nap time' at Doctors Hospital":

It's about time hospitals start enforcing visitation policies in labor and delivery. For too long, the lax management of L&D has turned it into a circus when it should be a place of peace, recovery and, unfortunately for some, grief.

My first L&D experience two years ago left much to be desired. My labor was induced promptly at 6 a.m., but after no progress all day, my physician decided to do an emergency C-section at 8 p.m. During the induction, there was a constant influx of family and friends to see how I was doing. Although I was grateful for their interest, I couldn't help but feel a little intruded-upon. Yes, I was going to have a baby, but the questions of when, how and the ultimate outcome were all stressors that visitors just didn't seem to understand.

Once the baby arrived, the visits, some ranging for a couple hours, got worse. And on top of family and friends, add nursery RNs, patient RNs, vital-signs staff, lactation consultants, birth certificate staff, volunteer staff, OBs, pediatricians, the hospital photography service and housekeeping, and you've got a circus -- only you don't get popcorn and cotton candy.

Fast-forward to 2011. My second baby was due, and I was determined that this delivery would be different. At the risk of alienating family and friends, and potentially being labeled the derogatory term for an assertive female, I wrote up a nice letter requesting no visitors during my hospital stay.

Most accepted my wishes with love, a few were vocal about their disapproval, but I kept reminding myself that I was the patient, and for very few times in my life, this was just about me and my baby.

Hospital L&D management needs to get on board to protect the patients and be less concerned about offending visitors.

Lisa Savage-Leonard

North Augusta, S.C.

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Brad Owens
Brad Owens 04/27/11 - 08:17 am
Good letter. I always

Good letter. I always wondered why they allowed the baby to be taken so far away from the Mother after birth. They need that bonding time with their mother.


P.S., Just had to laugh when she said that part of the crew was the 'birth certificate staff', don't tell the Birthers or the Obamabots about that. One will demand to see the product and the other will deny you need it.

augusta citizen
augusta citizen 04/27/11 - 05:25 pm
My daughter is a teenager

My daughter is a teenager now, but I can still remember how many people were in and out of my room in the time I was at the hospital. Other than my husband, older kids and my parents and husband's parents, I really wish the others had waited until we had been home for a little while. Like the writer above, I appreciated everyone's excitment and time, but I was worn out. As soon as I would nod off, exhausted, someone else would knock on the door.

Katie's MOM
Katie's MOM 04/27/11 - 09:37 pm
I agree with Brad. Babies

I agree with Brad. Babies shouldn't be taken away from and separated from their mothers. What other creature on earth delivers their offspring and is separated from it. NONE I'm not surprised that Doctors Hospital made this great step for their families...I delivered my last child there two years ago and had to have an emergency c-section. Not only was the staff extremely responsive during our emergency situation, but my Katie was in the recovery room with me. I have never been so relieved to see her, hold her skin to skin and have peace of mind that everything was okay. They kept her with me and did all of her care in front of me...What a concept...SHE WAS MY BABY a nap time to be uninterrupted ... THAT'S AWESOME GOOD THINKING GUYS

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