Keep sex offenders locked up for good

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It is past time for the law to stop letting sex offenders out of jail.

They do not change their ways. Also, it is a deliberate act. At the most, two strikes and you stay in jail for life.

I will never understand why the law allows them to keep offending.

Mavis Black


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paulbaughman28 04/22/11 - 10:43 pm
Thank you, Ms. Black.

Thank you, Ms. Black. However, not all sex offenders really are. My step-brother has to register as a sex offender for pulling a childhood prank. The dreaded "pantsing" of another kid landed him a lifetime of being labled a "sex offender."

TruthJusticeFaithHope 04/23/11 - 09:30 am
I agree with the letter. Sex

I agree with the letter. Sex offenders, epecially adult offenders, do not change. Even with therapy, they will continue to admit their attraction for children... usually they have a age gender, body type that they are uncontrolably attracted to. As for Paul's prankster step brother... that is ridiculous and is hurting the purpose of sex offender registries. Someone convicted of pulling another persons pants down, should probably not be on the list. As it is, there is a problem with the registries not differentiating between true predators, rapists, pedophiles, peeping toms, and the 17 year old who had consentual sex with the 15 year old (because by law a 15 year old cannot "consent" from the legal perspective). Yes, it is sad that when paroled, these evil creatures ruin additional lives until caught again. Protect your children... and all children... the risk is significant.

Riverman1 04/23/11 - 09:46 am
Well, yes and yes. They

Well, yes and yes. They deserve lengthy sentences because most don't change, but there are many included in that classification who hardly are what we imagine sex offenders to be. Slightly older teen boy with teen girl, etc. A guy taking a whiz in public. Things like that.

WW1949 04/23/11 - 10:14 am
A 16 or 17 year old having

A 16 or 17 year old having sex with a willing person that is close to their age is not a sex offender in my opinion because nothing was forced. Heck, how many went to the drive in movies even though our parents did not want us to because they knew what would go on. Most in the lot would be labeled "offenders" for the touching that went on. Sex offender status should only be used in forceable rape and pedophilles and not against the the teenagers that make the wrong decision with a willing partner. Thaty is something that should be taken up with the parents of the teenagers involved.

Bizkit 04/23/11 - 11:42 am
Do you think pedophilia is a

Do you think pedophilia is a sexual preference or is it biological as most believe homosexuality? Not making any link between the two. But it raises issues of what to do about the problem-removing their manhood, banishment to a deserted island with no kids, death. Should it be treated like a mental illness?

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