Security pats down wrong passengers

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I'm with syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin on how many bad guys slip through on the airlines ("See SPOT. See SPOT fail," April 11).

I am 85 years old. Recently I visited Las Vegas for three days. I was tired, my feet hurt and I was walking slow with no luggage through the airport.

We were in the security line to get on the plane to come home, and a woman grabbed me and took me over to two policemen. She started taking away my shoes. I said "Hey, you brought me over here, now you do the test," but she didn't.

One of the policemen made me spread my legs and hold my hands up, and he took my picture. They asked "What have you got?" and I told them, "All I've got is two shoes and a belt. She's got my shoes, you've got my belt and I'm holding up my pants."

The point of this is: You and I paid three people for 15 minutes each to stand there and rub me down while 100 who-knows-what kind of people walked by and got on the plane.

Did we really get our money's worth from that? That's how I spent my 85th birthday.

Joe R. Oliphant


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augusta citizen
augusta citizen 04/20/11 - 07:33 am
So sorry that happened to

So sorry that happened to you. It's a shame what some of our senior citizens and even small children have had to endure since this all started. I can imagine how much that would have scared my kids when they were little.

Runner46 04/20/11 - 11:57 am
I won't fly until this kind

I won't fly until this kind of dumb stuff has ended. At age 65, that probably means I will never fly again!

paulbaughman28 04/20/11 - 01:27 pm
I got searched while in my

I got searched while in my uniform because my medals set off the alarm

Jane18 04/20/11 - 03:53 pm
I hope you still had a good

I hope you still had a good time in Las vegas Mr. Joe. I 'm sorry we have such lax and lazy people working in important and supposedly safety positions(personal, national). If these three that got you are some of our best--------we're in trouble!!!

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