Don't cut corners in the wrong places

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Two slain women were discovered early Thanksgiving morning near Laney-Walker Boulevard. The killings add to our growing number of murders this year, and supposedly happened on one of Augusta's furlough days. If this is true, I recommend taking a fresh look at furloughing necessary services.

When I am trying to save money on my electricity at my home, I will turn off many unneeded lights and unplug many unneeded appliances -- but the last thing I will do is turn off my alarm system! Does it make any sense to furlough sheriff's deputies when we have county employees leaning on shovels all over town, sweeping floors in nearly empty county buildings, or making sure everyone who walks into the Municipal Building undergoes an aggressive search for weapons, keys, cell phones, etc.? Fewer rent-a-cops can do this job.

Also, did we really need a new library? As I recall, the old one was barely used except as a homeless day program.

And did we really need a new courthouse that will have even less parking than the old one? Guess who will get the prime parking spots -- not your average citizen, I'll guarantee that!

Use your common sense, commissioners! Take a fresh look at what services are truly necessary and what services we can do without and still be safe. Foolishness!

Gary J. Heffner


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justus4 11/30/10 - 07:58 am
Using the fear angle will

Using the fear angle will only work with those uninformed citizens, but then again, it may sway the local elected officials to "beef up" or throw more tax dollars into some project to "keep us safe." Being afraid to move about is a personal decision, but don't think everyone is shaking with fear because fatalities were discovered. This is America! A very violent place> It was founded on violence. The history is littered with violent acts, so don't attempt to capitalize on such negative acts by wanting more money. Put more money into education and school programs and better teachers because THAT'S where society lost these criminals long ago - in school.

Jane18 11/30/10 - 09:33 am
Common sense in government?

Common sense in government? Are you kidding me? That little place in their brains does not exist. They are like a child with some money in a candy store, a child that was never taught IN THEIR HOME. All of life's lessons(personal, civic, emotional, lawful, financial, etc.) must start at home. School did not teach me these things, my father(Dad) did..................Sorry J4

dichotomy 11/30/10 - 12:34 pm
All that glitters is gold.

All that glitters is gold. The philosophy of the commission and the school board. No matter the crappy services and education they provide, all will be better if they are provided in a shiney new building. Don't know how to fix Augusta? Let's build somehthing. TEE Center, courthouse, library, new schools, and maybe even a ball park. Same old incompetent staff providing the same old poor services, the same old poor legal system, the same old underutilized library, the same old poor education, but all that glitters is gold. As long as we have a powerless mayor, a paralyzed commission, a subjugated county administrator, and school system more interested in the complexion of teachers and administrators than in the quality of education, ALL WE WILL EVER GET IS NEW BUILDINGS. Don't look for things to change. It's all written into the City Charter. It's working just like it was planned. They carved up the power and the money between East Augusta and West Augusta, and gutted the southside and rural areas by raising their taxes and giving them nothing in order to pay for it all. When we asked "why is crime up, the roads in terrible shape, and my kids can't read or do math, and my taxes sky high" they say "see the shiney new school...see the shiney new courthouse...see the shiney new library". We take your tax money and give you shiney new things". And we all go away happy and re-elect them because we don't have a choice. No matter who we elect, the results are dictated in our City Charter. They will never cut out the shiney new things in order to provide better services. After all, the shiney new things are the ONLY thing that ANY of them can point at to explain where our tax dollars went.

IntrepidES96 11/30/10 - 06:46 pm
While I will agree that

While I will agree that Augusta cuts corners in the wrong places, some new things are needed.

The library was and is used quite a lot by many people for various tasks. That includes people using the materials for school research, internet for research & job searches, programs for children, and much more.

I visit the library quite often to check out books and attend programs. It stays busy...Even on Sunday afternoons! The staff is stretched thin, but they still do a good job covering all of the bases.

One major problem is the lack of parking around the library. The fact that the parking lot is SMALLER for a building that is 3 times the size of the old building is pathetic!

The old building was not maintained by the county properly and became run down much like many other county buildings. One can only hope that they will not allow this to happen to this building.

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