U.S. government is organized crime

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I have never written a letter to the editor before. I, at this time, hate and shudder at the direction our politicians in Washington, D.C., are taking this country.

We are fast on a pace to turning the United States of America into a socialist or a communist state. Barack Obama was right in his campaign speeches when he said he would change the U.S. government as we knew it.

I cannot see any differences between the Democrats and the Republicans, because when they get in office they only represent themselves. I believe they are all basically criminals, and have forgotten the oaths they swore to when they went into office, and the majority of them should be tried for treason or at least perjury.

I feel it is past time we have term limits for all elected offices, and that on ballots there should be a space for "none of the above," and that each one should require 50 percent-plus of the votes cast to be placed in office.

I also believe anyone receiving welfare checks and food stamps should be required to work at least 20 hours a week to receive those handouts. There is plenty that needs to be done, such as streets to be cleaned, weeds to be cut and general work that is not getting done.

I, for one, will not vote for a person who is in office, and will not vote for one who has held an office before. We need to clean out the mess that we have.

I know that you will never print this letter, but I have at least stated my opinion and I believe the U.S. government as we have it now is the largest organized-crime organization the world has ever known.

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GGpap 11/01/10 - 03:56 am
Good job, Mr. Ellyson. You

Good job, Mr. Ellyson. You speak the truth. Vote on Tuesday and, yes sir, vote your conscience; that's what it's all about.


sconservative 11/01/10 - 07:22 am
Dr Walter Williams has

Dr Walter Williams has described Social Security as a Ponzi scheme. Bernie Madoff is in prison for his Ponzi scheme. I like term limits for most with several notable exceptions: Jim DeMint and Paul Broun. The new Congress in January will have an opportunity to remove funding for some onerous programs like EPA regulation of carbon dioxide - don't exhale!

Jon Lester
Jon Lester 11/01/10 - 08:13 am
If you honestly believe we're

If you honestly believe we're on some kind of fast track to Communism, then you're clearly not getting your news from objective sources. You might want to ponder that communist revolution only happens in places and at times when income disparity is ridiculously high (witness Costa Rica, which remained insulated from Nicaraguan and other revolutionary influence in the 1980's despite having no military). Who on the right is really looking out for the middle class? How are your freedoms protected if more rights are transferred to corporations and more wealth is concentrated in fewer hands? Can you, as a private citizen, compete with any politically-motivated corporate entity in the wake of the Citizens United decision?

Think the US government is corrupt? Spend two weeks in Pakistan or any of a hundred other nations and see how you like it (although I will concede that most of the examples I have in mind happen to be US client states).

Fiscal conservatives: do you expect to ever hear Jim DeMint call for defunding Savannah River Site? The CSRA gets more than its share of federal funding, and I would fully expect the AC to find reasons to protest if any of those projects were scaled back. If things were changed to make the area more like something from an Ayn Rand novel, I don't think most of you would really like the result.

justus4 11/01/10 - 10:44 am
The US didn't just become

The US didn't just become this "organized crime" element that is hated around the world. So exactly WHEN did the article writer discover that reality? What motivated his enlightenment? Many have known for years the true nature of the USA only after a simple US History class. How can a nation enslave a entire race of citizens, then pass laws forcing them to work for free, while yapping on & on about "individual freedoms." Two centuries of free labor, Jim Crow, and the legalized destruction of an entire race. Now, some want to "take the country back" well, that's an idea...however, the moral footing of the national foundation will continue to crumble - even after this election cycle.

Chillen 11/01/10 - 11:03 am
I agree wholeheartedly with

I agree wholeheartedly with this letter.

Jon Lester. Capitalism -- Socialism -- Communism. Those are the steps.

Communists Cloward & Piven outline this strategy quite nicely. They suggest that politicians:

*Manufacture a crisis (we are certainly in a huge one now that they mostly created)
*Pit us against each other (duh.....happening now....tax the rich, the corporations are evil, business is bad, government is good, etc)
*Put as many people on the public dole as possible (46 million are now on food stamps, 50% of Americans don't pay taxes, 99 weeks of unemployment - and all of this is rising, not declining). The need and the desire to work are being bred out of us.
*Collapse the system as we know it.
*Start over with a "New Government" to control the utter chaos.

What do you think this "new government" will be? It will be a socialist/communist hybrid. Something similar to what China now has.

That is not what 90% of American's want. Yet, 50% are being misled and USED to get there.

We are rapidly headed down this path. Tomorrow should help slow it down or even reverse this course. I am hoping it's not too late.

impossible 11/01/10 - 02:08 pm
Justus4 said: "" Two

Justus4 said: "" Two centuries of free labor, Jim Crow, and the legalized destruction of an entire race. Now, some want to "take the country back"

No Justus4, they want to protect the lives of the Black babies and they want to free the Blacks and poor Whites from enslavement on the Democrat-liberal-socialist plantation of empty promises. The Blacks have been fooled into giving away their votes to the Democrats in exchange for those empty promises and “hate the rich speech.” Taking money away from the “rich” producers who provide real jobs for Americans helps no one, but hurts everyone.

From your posts, I assume you are a liberal who supports Obama, et.al. yet you rightfully point out the INJUSTICE4 blacks under slavery. Why then don't you object to the continued contempt of Planned Parenthood's founder, Margaret Sanger, toward Blacks? Continuing Sanger’s Hitlerian efforts to purify(whiten) our society, PP engages disproportionately in the "legalized destruction of the Black race." Those Black babies have just as much right to survive the womb as the white babies do, but the percentages are a proof of the hateful discrimination against our Black population.

Another letter writer in today's paper quotes Mother Teresa to the effect that a nation that tells us it's ok for mothers to kill babies in the womb can hardly tell us that it's wrong to kill one another. Moral behavior should not be racist.

dani 11/01/10 - 02:46 pm
impossible. that is good. I

impossible. that is good. I don't think anybody could have said it better.
Even justus4 might understand and require that his leaders give them justice, the vote ought to be worth more than a free bus ride to the polling place.

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