Muslim nations rife with intolerance

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On Aug. 5, 10 medical workers from International Assistance Mission -- a charitable, nonprofit, Christian organization -- were brutally murdered in Afghanistan. Among them were six Americans. The only survivor was the driver who begged for his life and quoted the Quran. The team included an eye doctor, a dental surgeon and a general practitioner.

They had no security people, no guards, and no weapons. Yet they were gunned down. Why? Mujahed, the Taliban spokesman, said, "They were not doctors. They were trying to spread the Christian religion in Karan wa Majan."

Now we are having debates over the mosque near Ground Zero, the site where Muslim terrorists committed such an unbelievable act. Since there are more than 100 mosques in the five boroughs of New York City, why the controversy? It is location, power and submission.

This is not about religious freedom or tolerance. Muslim leaders are free in America to find another location to build the 101st mosque in New York. If they are truly "peaceful," as they are trying to convince us, they should be sensitive to the families of the victims and the American people.

What would happen if Christians tried to build a church in a Muslim city such as Mecca? I looked it up. There are no Christian churches in all of Saudi Arabia. I read that there are 900,000 Filipino workers in Saudi Arabia, 90 percent of them Christians, and they have nowhere to worship. Bibles are confiscated; crosses are not allowed; and small groups meeting for Bible studies face arrest.

We need to educate ourselves on Islam and the Quran.

Catharine McClure


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Sargebaby 08/27/10 - 09:40 pm
chascush, I had not intended

chascush, I had not intended to shut them up, rather reveal a little truth about the radicals of Islam. Anyone with a computer can learn the truth. After viewing a horrendous beheading, I wanted to understand why these people feel, and act the way they act. It comes from generations of brainwashing by the book written by a child molester, and a man bent on building his own Religion. That never works!

phuthangh8 08/27/10 - 11:12 pm
question? was saudia arabia

question? was saudia arabia founded on religious freedom?was religious freedom one of the bedrocks of freedoms america was found on?religious freedom does not mean christanity.while we all deplore what happened on 9/11,christanity's hands are not bloodless.we've maimed and killed more people around the world under the american flag representing this nation founded on christanity than any muslim country i know,so come on and get off your high white horse and let the muslims build their mosque

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