Don't abridge bicyclists' road rights

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In response to the letter from Beth Guarnieri regarding bicyclists ("Bicyclists should share road, burden," Aug. 11), I must say that I have never read an opinion that reeked of more hatred and ignorance than hers.

In short, just to make sure you understand why you should share the road with cyclists: It's the law. If you will take the time to study this, you will see that, in June 2008, South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford signed into law protections for cyclists from idiot motorists.

The contents of Ms. Guarnieri's letter sounds as if she is laying down a threat that she will not share the road and will actually go out of her way to be abusive to cyclists. I would warn her not to take this stance, because cyclists like myself know what our rights are, and we are prepared to report abuse. She should be aware that the fines are extreme.

Beyond that, let me ask this: Will a motorist be able to live with himself if, through his hate and ignorance, he actually struck a cyclist? If he ran me down and left me lying in a ditch, will he feel vindicated thinking it's his right and duty to remove me from the road? Do motorists plan to keep score of how many they can mow down?

Whatever is the source of the letter writer's hatred needs to be treated immediately, and I would suggest that she might want to consider some type of public transportation until she has her urges under control.

Ernie McFerrin

North Augusta, S.C.

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shamrock 08/18/10 - 11:13 pm
Ernie ... you completely

Ernie ... you completely missed the point. Did you read anywhere that she wouldn't share the road ... or did she make any threats? Of course not and anyone who reads your rant might want to look for themselves. The link to the original letter is inside of your letter (above). She said she would "gladly" share the road when they start paying their share! She didn't say she wouldn't share ... just not gladly! I don't gladly share the road with those slow pokes either and many are more dangerous than they are useful! Get your exercise somewhere else ... I have to get to work!

sojumaster 08/19/10 - 07:40 am
While I agree Beth's original

While I agree Beth's original letter was full of vial, I would not state it was a threat. Sounds like someone that is full of complaints on the tax system. What Beth had failed to realize that EVERYONE's taxes goes everywhere. She needs to actually look at a budget and see where the money goes. She also failed to realize that a lot of benefits that she does enjoy is paid in full by other people that may not ACTUALLY get to enjoy the same benefit.

You have to realize the source also, when she is complaining about car insurance and failing to realize that it is for her protection, do you really think that she is worthy of response? She sounds like she is one of those drivers that texts and talks on the phone 24/7 while behind the wheel with a jelly donut in the other hand and because of that she fails to use her turn signals or even pays attention.

I was suprised that AC even published her letter, must have been a really slow day in the letter department.

crackerjack 09/11/10 - 07:18 pm
"I would warn her not to take

"I would warn her not to take this stance, because cyclists like myself know what our rights are, and we are prepared to report abuse." Drivers should respect and be careful around the biking public, as they have every right to be on the road. That being said, they also are required to obey ALL traffic laws. I would like them to have small license tags to ride on County, and State roads, so that since as a Driver, I know what MY rights are, and prepared to report abuse of traffic laws if their is a license number to report.

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