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Remember that when you go nationwide with a search for school superintendent, you are going to get a lot of "travelers" who feel they are upwardly mobile but have no roots anywhere -- and as soon as a better offer comes along, they are gone.

Another thing: Would it be possible to maybe get a superintendent who has a real academic degree? A sort of tangential degree in some vaguely related discipline may sound good, and it probably came from an otherwise respectable school, but what is wrong with a real degree from a university that does not create degree programs in subjects that are little more than window dressing for résumés?

Allen W. Johnson


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justus4 05/25/10 - 04:16 am
Who exactly is this letter

Who exactly is this letter directed towards? What specific advantage does a NON "traveler" would have? Why do "roots" matter in the course of educating students? What degree is designed to manage tens of thousands and operate within an estabilshed governmental agency? Why have a local someone who has contacts within particular agencies and will take shortcuts that will never be found out? What about the kids? What about their future? That's more important than where the next person may come, but the tone of the letter seems focused more on Edu credentials and hometown credibility rather than the unique skills set required for such a difficult position.

Insider Information
Insider Information 05/25/10 - 07:29 am
I would prefer the best for

I would prefer the best for the job be hired, rather than blanket rules be set beforehand. If a preference is to be given, I would prefer it be a "traveler," someone who came here to do a job, instead of someone who took the job for other motivations. To automatically discount someone from out of the area is absurb.

Nat the Cat
Nat the Cat 05/25/10 - 01:33 pm
I have to agree with Justus

I have to agree with Justus on this one--look at the last hometown jewel with "roots," we were stuck with--Charles Larke. Talk about underqualifed and over-paid. And the BOE was constantly being sued over his self-induced, Rudolph Valentino, teflon bravado! Give me a Gypsy with a Mobile Home and a couple of Phd's...that'll do the trick! [no pun intended].

corgimom 05/26/10 - 08:59 am
Get somebody that can do the

Get somebody that can do the job, period.

This "roots" stuff is the reason why Augusta is in the shape that it's in.

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