Board should rethink restraint proposal

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Regarding the article "School board eyes ban on seclusion, restraint" (May 13): I have read and reread this article and tried to make sense of the Georgia Board of Education and the logic behind this consideration.

As I indicated in previous letters to The Chronicle, I am not an educator. However, I am the parent of a special-needs child, and am a mentor. Obviously officials have not considered the consequences of this impending decision. Are they attempting to be politically correct? Are they totally unaware of what goes on in today's classrooms? Maybe we should send them copies of articles reporting recent events of violence in the CSRA and the distress it has caused for teachers, their families and students who want to learn.

I would first like to remind our esteemed state Board of Education that there are many categories of special education. The first one is those teachers and para-pros who are dedicated to those students who are unfortunately in the severe and profound classes. If you have ever been in a severe and profound classroom, you will probably observe some very abnormal behavior. The teachers and para-pros do everything they can to stop children from hurting themselves, other children or the educators. If they cannot restrain them, what is going to prevent a child from seriously injuring himself/herself or others?

Another category is the child who has behavioral issues. This is not meant to discredit those parents who have seriously tried to control their children and work with the teachers to assist them on their children's behavior problems. Any parent can request that their child be classified as special-needs. My concern for the teacher has to do with the children whose parents think the school is the answer for their incompetence as a parent, and their lack of caring for their child's education. These children are miscreants, and I truly blame their sad upbringing.

My suggestion for unruly children: If their misbehavior would result in being put in seclusion or restrained, immediately summon the school's safety officer. Then a mandate must be in place that the parents or guardians of those children must come to the school and take the children home. We do not need to read about anymore of our educators being harmed.

I hope that the parents of severe or profoundly disabled children don't find my letter offensive. I understand your pain and concern that your children will be safe at school. To the parents who don't get involved and blame everyone except themselves: You are one of the main reasons our education system is in such turmoil.

Stephen B. McMillan


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msitua 05/22/10 - 12:19 am
This will be Federal Law

This will be Federal Law soon(hopefully, hopefully). I don't think Mr. McMillan understands how many children all over the US in schools have died or been seriously injured because of the use of seclusion and restraint. Most of the time the teachers are not trained in restraining without injuring and for the majority of children on the autism spectrum(which now has the largest numbers of those in special classes) seclusion is not and has never been the answer in how to deal with these children.
Maurine meleck

Nat the Cat
Nat the Cat 05/22/10 - 12:34 am
Maurine, tell me why we are

Maurine, tell me why we are even talking about "seclusion and restraint." When I went to school none of these problems existed. And while you are at it, tell me just how to deal with these children. You say that, "seclusion is not and has never been the answer in how to deal with these children." Thrill me with your acumen!

billyjones1949 05/22/10 - 09:41 am
Maurine, while I do not thing

Maurine, while I do not thing that children should be tied up or put in any danger I also do not think that special needs children should be allowed to be in the same classroom as normal children because of their irratic behavior. A normal child that acts out and can't be controlled should be taken out of the class and sent home. The children are there to learn and that child should be sent home or if that is not possible they should be given hours of detention after school. That was the way it was when I was in school and we seemed to get along fine. But most of all the parents should not be so liberal and think that the school is there to train their children in what is right or wrong.

Techfan 05/22/10 - 03:04 pm
As a medical professional, I

As a medical professional, I understand that at times restraints are necessary to prevent someone from harming themself or others. I, and all the other nurses I know, have had the **** beaten out of us by a confused or deranged patient. That being said, we are trained, and have guidelines for their use. Checks at least every 15 minutes, allow repositioning, food, water, etc. We, however, don't have the option of sending the patient away. If students are a threat to themselves or others, I can see temporary retraints as a measure until the student calms down or the parents can arrive and get them out of there. I would think eve if the parent is called, it would take some time for them to leave their job or home and get to the school. Something would be required to control the student until they could get there to prevent them from injuring themselves or others. Of course they could just call the cops and have them arrested, but I think a short time in soft restraints would be preferable to handcuffs and a jail record.

mpowel21 05/22/10 - 05:36 pm
maine problem, parents are so

maine problem, parents are so lazy and disinvolved, expecting someone else to take care of their children, educated their children, etc. yet when the persons the parent has given permission to do so goes against their pitiful thinking, their first excuse is, 'you don't raise my child, I do' guess what? you don't, the television, the computer, the internet, the neighborhood thugs raise your children while you sit around on your butt and do nothing until your kid gets into trouble. get a life people, some people do not deserve the right to have children,

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