Media serve pablum instead of red meat

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Well, here we go again. The May 13 Aiken Standard headline asks "Is lover back?" -- referring to Gov. Mark Sanford's lady friend from Argentina.

And whose business is this anyway? It certainly isn't mine. What Gov. Sanford does outside his normal duties on his personal time is between him and God.

But Gov. Sanford is an easy target, one that the public will follow because the issue with his mistress is titillating and full of mystery. Issues such as this are a diversion from the real issues that need addressing.

If we had real journalists and real journalism, then this would be just some back-page filler. But no, the media will not tackle the real issues.

Does anyone care that the Obama administration has turned a blind eye to Israel's occupation of Gaza and of the atrocities committed there? But as Israel is an ally, Mr. Obama would not want to ruffle any feathers, especially those of Rahm Emanuel, who holds dual citizenship (Israel and U.S.). Yet Obama will back Israel in an attack on Iran since both countries would stand to benefit in the long run.

Or the matter of our border with Mexico. The problem goes back to the Bush administration and beyond. Mr. Bush continued efforts to form a North American Union -- a union much like the failing European Union, where our Constitution and Bill of Rights will become null and void. If Washington really wanted to control the borders, it could have done so decades ago.

The media and the public had better wise up and look beyond what is regurgitated to them, and face reality. A real media would offer up real news that people can use, rather than nonsense aimed at the lazy mind.

Between Washington, the Pentagon and Homeland Security, the media give you what has been deemed suitable for the public at large. But what is deemed suitable is designed to dumb down the public and keep them pacified.

Rick James

Wagener, S.C.

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mpowel21 05/17/10 - 02:18 am
It is important news when the

It is important news when the governor of our state has tarnished the image of the people of South Carolina by having an affair, leaving the country without telling staff or even the Lt Governor where he was going, and setting a very poor example for the children of this great state.

Trey Enfantay
Trey Enfantay 05/17/10 - 02:22 am
However, none of those past

However, none of those past transgressions took place while the divorced Governor was visiting Florida, so it's not germane to this LTE. Nice try. "It's Bush's fault!"

southernguy08 05/17/10 - 06:30 am
MPOWEL, you mean like Clinton

MPOWEL, you mean like Clinton and Lewinsky? Oh wait, Clinton lied under oath, didn't he. Sorry, my bad.

HTN007 05/17/10 - 07:10 am
When 1200.00 in tax dollars

When 1200.00 in tax dollars goes to providing security for the "LuvGov" it should be the media's business, even if it was Florida tax dollars and not SC!

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