If we want peace, we must work for it

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This letter is intended to reach those who still believe in a thing called peace.

Our country is in a downward spiral. We as Americans wake up every morning, even if we don't acknowledge it, and disagree with the government on some level. The government is forcing its way into every aspect of your individual life.

Personally it shouldn't be the government who chooses what political changes occur and when; it is the choice of the people. The people of this country need to openly discuss an idea that a lot of people haven't heard of. If the government decides one day to force you as a citizen to purchase a service, you should have the right to say "no."

Well, I speak only for myself, but I represent a movement that we can all feel coming. As I get ready to move around, I will declare myself a sovereign citizen. If paperwork is required, it's fine by me. I didn't personally agree as an infant to belong to America because of paper trails and tracking receipts (credit cards that we don't really need, for instance). I'd be more than happy to give my citizenship away to someone else before I made a choice to stay in a world that is completely negative.

Peace is a thought that is just as common as control. We just don't all believe in peace, because the government has forced us to believe in coercion. I am working to start student rallies and peace organizations with a goal to unite free-thinking people, instead of continuing to support our government's reign of control and secrecy.

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Nat the Cat
Nat the Cat 03/29/10 - 01:01 am
Check out Mr. King's website!

Check out Mr. King's website! Government intervention is driving him crazy.

Trey Enfantay
Trey Enfantay 03/29/10 - 03:37 am
Just because you are paranoid

Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean "they" are NOT out to get you!

ReformedRepub 03/29/10 - 04:43 am
Mr. King, you're following a

Mr. King, you're following a path that has put many in prison for tax evasion. A friend of mine that tried to pull this malarky because of his objection to Georgia's putting fingerprints on the driver's license fought this for several years...after several months in jail and a continuing to lose in court, he gave up. Sooner or later the IRS will catch up to him also. You folks are fighting a losing battle, and are in the wrong. The law is Constitutional, has been enacted and will not be repealed. It WILL be funded, and there will still be a Dem majority in November. Public opinion of this law is rising. Public opinion of Obama is rising. The GOP is STILL on the bottom of the heap as far as this country's opinion goes.

johnston.cliff 03/29/10 - 05:46 am
You've got the right idea,

You've got the right idea, Aaron, but are choosing the wrong arena for your fight. Congress is the source of your problems and that's where the correction needs to be made. It's a long slow process, but can be accomplished. Your method only leads to frustration. Also, you need to become a Buddhist.

justus4 03/29/10 - 07:16 am
Blah, blah, blah, and this

Blah, blah, blah, and this stuff is actually printed. Every American is a "sovereign citizen" and when did this writer develop his keen awareness and when did his government observations began? This guy needs a tour of duty in the US Army to gather his wits, because he is listening to the wrong bunch. He needs to be told when to get up, when to walk, when to run, and when to sleep. Then he would know that government is critical to maintain the COLLECTIVE order and those who think individually made have something up. So yes, organize because remember, the guy in the WH was a commuity organizer...and Palin thought a governor was more important.

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