Letter: Free nation from tyranny

Have we imprisoned ourselves, thinking that we cannot change this?
By Clifford Henning

Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014

Letter: Diversify police officers

Too many young black students are more interested in peer approval than in the pride of achievements.
By Charles Slechta

Monday, Oct. 20, 2014

Letter: More taxes sought

Suddenly this no-cost-to-you stadium has become costly.
By Ted Wasserlein

Letter: Allen brings fresh ideas

Please stand with me in voting for Rick Allen for Congress on Nov. 4.
By Regina Buccafusco

Sunday, Oct. 19, 2014

Letter:Are we better off?

This critical election, we must ask ourselves: Are we better off with the Democratic Party in control?
By Ron Williams

Friday, Oct. 17, 2014

Letter: Augusta looks blighted

Certain parts of town are much worse than others, but all are a blight on the city.
By John Hollon

Letter: Problems developing?

I went to my local area bank and expressed my concerns.
By Robert Sullivent

Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014

Letter: Tax hike makes no sense

From a dollars-and-cents perspective, the 1-cent tax increase makes no sense.
By Mike Stake

Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2014

Letter: Strive to support Paine

We all must strive to make Paine College an enduring fixture in this community.
By Ellis M. Johnson and Ann N. Johnson

Monday, Oct. 13, 2014

Letter: New tax is unnecessary

Now is not the time for a 1 percent increase in our sales tax, which I think actually is much higher.
By Dora Bush

Letter: Vote for a higher wage

I suggest underpaid workers get themselves and as many of their friends as they can to the polls Nov. 4, and vote for candidates who would give them raises.
By Victor J. Reilly

Letter: ISIS fear exaggerated

The fact is that ISIS is no threat to our great country.
By Zia Rehman

Sunday, Oct. 12, 2014

Letter: Obama lags on ISIS

I'm just so tired of all the lies coming out of this White House. President Obama is ruining this country.
By Pat Tortorello

Letter: Don't tote furry pets around food

I love dogs. But I would never have taken any of my pets into a store with me.
By Michael Atwood

Saturday, Oct. 11, 2014

Letter: Nunn, Obama bad news

Just who is Michelle Martin? Would anyone recognize her candidacy under her husband's last name?
By Robert Smock

Letter: Military strategy poor

Mr. Obama can't even protect his own family from intruders, so how can he protect us? It is time for a change.
By Sam Arrington

Thursday, Oct. 9, 2014

Letter: Reverse Republican rule

The more Democrats we have in Congress, the better country we will become.
By Tracy E. Williams Jr.

Letter: More pet laws won't help

Mandatory spay/neuter won't affect irresponsible people.
By Jeanie Bounds

Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014

Letter: Items deserve pondering

It is not enough to believe in God. We must believe in Jesus Christ, too.
By Bobby Etheridge

Letter: Walden deserves office

While Les has broad financial experience, I am most impressed with his personal integrity and character.
By Mike Toomey

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