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Sunday, Nov. 18, 2012

Hotchkiss: In this week full of food, think about hunger the rest of the year

During the week of Thanksgiving, food is at the front of everyone's minds. What happens the other 51 weeks a year?
By Joe Hotchkiss

Saturday, Nov. 10, 2012

Hotchkiss: Oh, the shame of it: Are more folks out of touch with humility?

If you want a civilized society, you've got to have at least a little bit of shame.
By Joe Hotchkiss

Sunday, Nov. 4, 2012

Joe Hotchkiss: The opposite of "Down": Homecoming queen makes history

It makes you smile - maybe even with a smile as bright as Jessica's.
By Joe Hotchkiss

Saturday, Oct. 27, 2012

Joe Hotchkiss: Look who's talking: Whale tells a tale, and a cat goes to court

Sometimes I wish more animals could talk.
By Joe Hotchkiss

Sunday, Oct. 21, 2012

Column: Warning: This column might leave a bad taste in your mouth

Apparently, 80 percent of the world's population eats insects, either as a snack or a diet staple.
By Joe Hotchkiss

Saturday, Oct. 13, 2012

Joe Hotchkiss: Given up the fight on the university name? Signs point to 'no'

Few things are more impractical than a practical joke. But dang, they're funny.
By Joe Hotchkiss

Saturday, Oct. 6, 2012

Joe Hotchkiss: Wrong number: Calls to 911 aren't always for emergencies

Are Americans getting more stupid? Or are we just hearing about these insane 911 calls more often?
By Joe Hotchkiss

Sunday, Sept. 30, 2012

Joe Hotchkiss: 'Honey Boo Boo' reality show shows darker reality on health

Honey Boo Boo's family? They're killing themselves. And the exaggeration is only slight.
By Joe Hotchkiss

Sunday, Sept. 23, 2012

Joe Hotchkiss: Go directly to jail -- but how tough should it be for inmates?

Imprisonment has to be enough of an unpleasant deterrent to keep people from committing crimes again and returning - but not to a degree that they emerge with more scars.
By Joe Hotchkiss

Saturday, Sept. 15, 2012

Hotchkiss: When lives fall apart, rehabilitation puts them back together

Their lives would be much different today if it weren't for rehabilitation therapists.
By Joe Hotchkiss

Saturday, Sept. 1, 2012

Joe Hotchkiss: Youth crime is a price we pay for breakdown of the family

We have to fight for a society that promotes a stronger family unit.
By Joe Hotchkiss

Sunday, Aug 19, 2012

Joe Hotchkiss: Facts, evidence don't support rationale for school's new name

What Augustans want, overwhelmingly, is a university name that rightly mentions the city of Augusta.
By Joe Hotchkiss

Saturday, Aug 11, 2012

Joe Hotchkiss: With new university under an assumed name, what's next?

"But if it doesn't matter what my name is, why did you need to radically change it?"
By Joe Hotchkiss

Saturday, Aug 4, 2012

Column: Freedom of religion doesn't mean freedom from religion

A mayor's monthly breakfast or a soldier doing yard work simply doesn't establish a religion.
By Joe Hotchkiss

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Joe Hotchkiss: Instead of giving a panhandler a handout, just give him a hand

Is giving money to a panhandler really the most compassionate investment in a human being?
By Joe Hotchkiss

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Joe Hotchkiss: Star's death reminds us how much we want 'more Mayberry'

America needs more Mayberry - maybe now more than ever.
By Joe Hotchkiss

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Joe Hotchkiss: Big government spending dates to the Father of Our Country

From those humble overspending beginnings, America has come to this: a debt now exceeding (as I write this) $15.8 trillion.
By Joe Hotchkiss

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Joe Hotchkiss: It's not complicated: New reality sets stage to pursue simpler life

Since the economy seriously started going into the tank in 2008, more people have sensibly had to get by with less.
By Joe Hotchkiss
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