Editorial: Same hill, same impetus, same result

Weeks after shutdown, Pelosi brings House to a halt for illegals

Online encyclopedia Wikipedia already has a page devoted to the “United States federal government shutdown of 2018” – making it sound as if it’s a yellowed page of history, when it was just a few weeks ago.


Democrats who forced the Jan. 20 shutdown quickly thought better of it after they realized they were losing the public relations battle – and a short-term budget deal was struck a couple days later.

Americans saw the truth – that congressional Democrats would be denying government workers paychecks, including our volunteer military, and closing government facilities to taxpayers in order to shield illegal aliens brought here as children.

It was a disastrous strategy.

Even so, Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi seems not to have learned from the debacle – and, in effect, decided to shut down the U.S. House of Representatives Wednesday with a filibuster-style eight-hour soliloquy on behalf of the illegals.

She was attempting to cram the legalization of the illegals down the throats of her colleagues and the American people in a budget bill that was quickly careening through both chambers to avoid another shutdown this week.

Pelosi is engaged in political posturing and nothing more, and she knows it. Polls show majorities in both parties want to create a pathway to legalization for illegals who were brought here as children.

Republicans want border security in return, but Pelosi wants what she wants now, on her terms, and she wants it logged to her credit. And she was willing to essentially filibuster the House to get her way – a power that only the top leaders in each party have in a House that normally runs on strict time limits.

Consider what hill Pelosi is apparently willing to die on. Has she ever shown this much passion for you or your interests?

Of the January shutdown, we wondered (“Shutdown shakedown,” Jan. 24) what issues Democrats might help tackle if they would make such a dramatic, traumatic stand for the rest of us.

Such as if they:

Stopped stealing our Social Security funds.

Balanced the budget.

Merely wrote a budget on time.

Secured the border.

Eliminated wasteful spending.

Ended either financial, legal or tacit support for “sanctuary cities” that harbor illegal aliens.

Stopped using taxpayer funds to cover up members’ sexual harassment peccadillos – and demanded that perpetrators pay us back.

Appropriated sufficient funds and equipment to our volunteer military standing guard over an increasingly dangerous and hostile world.

You also have to wonder why Democrats are so utterly consumed with helping illegals, but not at the expense of protecting the rest of us by securing the border. Could it be they just want to keep the spigot of potential Democratic voters open indefinitely?

Two members of Congress went to the mat with epic hours-long monologues to stop the mastodon spending bill approved in the wee hours Friday morning with little open discussion or deliberation. Pelosi wanted protections for illegals. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., wanted relief for taxpayers.

The difference in priorities couldn’t be more stark.



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