Editorial: What a great idea!

Saturday’s TEDx Augusta idea-sharing event is for fun, adventure

It’s not a fundraiser. It’s not a sales pitch. It asks nothing of you other than an intellectual curiosity and yearning for growth.


It’s the fourth TEDx Augusta. It’s Saturday. And it’s audacious.

It’s a celebration of the spoken word and the inquisitive mind: a series of short talks by your friends and neighbors on any subject of their choosing and passion – as long as they “Dare to be Audacious,” which is the theme of this year’s all-volunteer extravaganza.

Every one of these is new every year, each talk unique. But this year will be particulary fresh, coming as it does in the newly restored and grand Miller Theater, 708 Broad St.

Hundreds of years ago, when explorers such as Columbus ventured into new worlds, people waited breathlessly to be carried there vicariously upon the adventurers’ return. This is the mind-expanding spirit of the “ideas worth spreading” at TEDx Augusta – inspired and officially sanctioned by the Silicon Valley-grown Technology, Entertainment, Design organization whose TED Talks have captivated the internet.

After 157 speaker applications, TEDx Augusta organizers selected the best 18, who have rehearsed for months just to share something they’re excited about. Co-organizer Grace Belangia promises something for everyone, from tradecraft to horse therapy, mental health, innovation in education and design and more.

A crowd of 1,000 or more is expected – especially since this will be the first Saturday TEDx, after being staged on Fridays in past years. Regular admission for the all-day event is $65, though prices range from $20 for youths 14-20 to $45 for balcony and $125 for premier seating and entry to a post-event reception. Tickets are available at TEDxAugusta.com or at the Miller box office.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more inexpensive conference, or a more compact day-long trip around the world of ideas.

Besides, TEDx Augusta exists just for the fun of it.

What a great idea.



Wed, 02/21/2018 - 22:10

Rick McKee Editorial Cartoon