Editorial: The ‘Legion of Grumpy Cats’

In sneering at prosperity and security, Democrats resisting success

They say “be careful what you wish for.” You also need to be careful what you “resist.”


While most State of the Union speeches are quickly forgotten, President Trump’s first one Tuesday night should live on – not so much for what he said, but how Democrats reacted to it.

From improvements in veterans’ health care to stock market gains, impending infrastructure investment, a potential “Dreamers” deal, to record lows in black and Hispanic unemployment, in God we trust, the National Anthem and more, Democrats sat, sneered and stewed through a dramatic recitation of extraordinary key indicators saying life in America is getting exponentially better than in recent years.

It’s customary for the party out of power to downplay an opposing party president’s exploits and accomplishments. But the performance of congressional Democrats on Tuesday night was a historic low.

If Republicans had comported themselves this way, the liberal-leaning late-night comics would’ve had a field day with them. By Wednesday morning, memes mocking Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s anguished contortions and dour expressions toward the nation’s good news exploded on social media.

“They were a legion of grumpy cats,” one commentator wrote of the Democrats.

Even that doesn’t quite describe it. Congressional Democrats are so tightly tethered to illegal immigration that they booed, hissed and openly moaned the president’s entreaties to consider ending visa lotteries and “chain migration” that allows immigrants to invite relatives almost willy-nilly to join them here – eschewing such an agreement even with the promise of amnesty for those brought here illegally as children.

Not even the incredibly emotional presence of the parents of children murdered by illegal alien gang members could shame Democrats into standing up for national security.

Democrats have gone all in for illegal immigration.

Even though Republicans are eager to agree to protecting so-called “Dreamers,” Democrats are apparently betting that emotional blackmail over illegals will win back the House and perhaps the Senate in this fall’s midterm elections – that majorities of Americans will vote against the country’s best interests and for what is supposed to feel good.

They were foursquare against the tax cuts that are now leading to bonuses, pay raises and billion-dollar re-investments in America. They are loath to acknowledge historic low unemployment for blacks and Hispanics or the drubbing of ISIS savages. And, if put back in power this November, they no doubt can’t wait to try to undo the policies that have given rise to this American resurgence.

All those gnarled grimaces at the State of the Union are the face of the “resistance” – the rallying cry of the left, which has called on itself to resist: to resist a free and fair election result, and even the successes of this president, which are increasingly being shared by ordinary Americans without regard to whether they voted for him.

In the midst of what appears to be a four-year-long sit-in, Democrat members of Congress are doing little more than resisting – even going so far as to be reluctant to strike deals with a willing president that are favorable to their point of view. And certainly not if it means a more secure border and safer populace.

Be careful what you resist.



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