Editorial: Nothing bad about wanting a border

Lines and limits allow us the freedom to build the life we want

It truly is amazing, the extent to which the “mainstream” media have demonized pro-life advocates.


They’re somehow made to appear mean, extreme and just plain villainous – for defending the sanctity of innocent, vulnerable life.

And that’s when the media pay attention to them at all: Reports indicate ABC, CBS and NBC devoted three times the coverage to the recent pro-abortion women’s march in Washington as they did to the March for Life.

This, despite the fact that the March for Life featured a live-stream message from the president of the United States.

The more you marginalize the messenger, the more you minimize the message.

Those of us who want a secure border are, likewise, being marginalized by the left, which is hellbent on open borders.

The new line of attack is that those who want a secure border and legal immigration are “nativist.” The word is all over left-wing media. And why not? It’s a neat little slur – especially since it carries the baggage of “-ist,” as in “racist” – meant to brand us, not just identify us.

Sorry. We’re not having it.

“It’s not a ‘nativist view’ to say immigration policy should be crafted to benefit American citizens, not foreigners,” tweeted Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark. “Slandering ‘white working-class Americans’ with that term is an example of the closed thinking that helped Trump win.”

Cotton was responding to a condescending Dec. 23 article in which the New York Times claimed Trump had tapped into “the nativist views of white working-class Americans.”

Wow. Now there’s some emotional blackmail verbiage for you!

Another verbal sleight-of-hand that open-border liberals use is to refer to “anti-immigrant conservatives,” as did the New York Times article by Michael D. Shear and Julie Hirschfeld Davis. Right. To be against illegal immigration is to be anti-immigrant.

Do they think we’re idiots?

Well, yes.

By the way, illegal immigration is often supported by talking points about how it helps both the economy and the immigrant. That’s not illegal immigration doing all that good stuff; it’s immigration. Illegal immigration doesn’t offer any benefits legal immigration doesn’t. It just offers illegality.

It is truly amazing how the left and the media have turned what used to be known as patriotism into a bad word, with that “-ist” suffix. But caring about and wanting to protect America isn’t any kind of “-ist” word except “realist.”

Ask yourself: Why are there countries? Why are there borders? For that matter, why are there county lines and city limits?

The reason is simple: freedom and security.

Borders, lines and limits simply allow groups of like-minded people to create the kind of culture, society – and, yes, country, state, county or city – that they want to live in. Borders protect their God-given right to associate freely and safely with people who share the same sets of values, mores, customs and laws.

No lines, no limits and no borders means no discernible county, city, state or country. Your freedom to carve out a way of life, next to others who seek a compatible way of life – led by a government that is both responsible and responsible to you – would be gone.

Our border is about our freedom and security. Period.

There’s nothing bad about that.



Fri, 02/23/2018 - 19:41

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