Patriots are winners

Have you ever watched a retrospective of some past athletic champions and thought, “Wow, I really didn’t appreciate how good they really were!”

No one will ever say that about this era’s New England Patriots.

Fact is, some folks are, as President Trump might say, tired of winning when it comes to the Patriots. This team has been so good for so long that a social media meme before Sunday’s conference championship game joked that the only people in the country pulling for the Patriots now are in New England.

As usual, the Tom Brady-led squad came from behind to win a postseason game, breaking the Jacksonville Jaguars’ hearts (can you say Atlanta Falcons?) in a 24-20 win that catapulted the Patriots to yet another Super Bowl: their second in a row, third in four years and 10th all-time. It’s Brady’s eighth.

However you feel about this broken record, it is one heck of a record. Hat-tip to the best quarterback, coach and perhaps franchise of all time.



Fri, 02/23/2018 - 19:41

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