Editorial: More important to divide us?

Democrats trying everything they can to depose our president

As erratic and mercurial as he is, Donald Trump is a deal-maker with a bipartisan background who seemed primed to make deals with Democrats.


In addition, civil rights advocate Jesse Jackson Jr. once publicly applauded Trump for efforts to help increase the black presence on Wall Street, and for “reaching out and being inclusive” and for his “embrace” of underserved communities.

Now Trump is supposedly some kind of racist monster.

What the heck happened?

One word: politics.

Now that he’s president, every word is parsed and every motive questioned by Democrats hoping not just to replace Mr. Trump in four years, but to cut that four years short if they can.

They’re throwing everything on the wall to see what sticks. He colluded with Russians. He hates women. He’s mentally unfit. He hates people of color. The man with businesses across the world hates foreigners.

Now a new political opportunity: to boycott his first State of the Union speech Jan. 30, which several Democrats have announced they’ll do.

That says a lot about the state of the Union. Some people are willing to divide us in order to pursue political advantage.

How incredibly sad.

This country has so much going for it right now, with a growing economy and a soaring Wall Street and plummeting unemployment and a decimated Islamic State and more.

It’s reminiscent of John Belushi’s line in the movie Animal House, when he excoriates his down-in-the-mouth compatriots, “This could be the greatest night of our lives, but you’re gonna let it be the worst.”

This bitter loggerheads has become part and parcel of our federal government, particularly since the hotly contested 2000 election, the results of which some on the Democrat side never accepted. Both parties have done everything they can to secure political advantage over the other.

You have to wonder if this is a result of an entrenched, careerist class in Washington. Might we be more civil, and find more common ground, if we had a true citizen legislature that wasn’t just biding time in-between elections and trying to prevent the other side from getting ahead?

Yes, Mr. Trump has made things worse for himself with his awkward, incendiary way of putting things. We wish it were otherwise.

But rather than make the best of it for the good of the country, his enemies – and they’re not just opponents – are trying to make the worst of it. They don’t seem to care what they do to the country to achieve their goal of undermining and even ousting our duly elected president. As long as it provides political advantage. That’s all that matters.

As Rush Limbaugh noted last week following the leaking of the president’s alleged “S”-hole comment regarding Third World immigration, it’s doubtful Democrats in the room at the time were personally offended; they just want to whip up the rest of us to make political hay against Mr. Trump.

Now some want to make a political show of trying to further divide us at the State of the Union.

They should be careful what they wish for. They’re getting it.



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