Editorial: What are we to believe?

Agent investigating Clinton and Trump showed clear favoritism

Opponents have been trying to make a case, for nearly a year now, that the president has been tainted because someone in his retinue talked to the Russians.


Meanwhile, it’s come out that the Clinton campaign actually did collude with Russian interests in trying to concoct dirt on Mr. Trump.

So, what should be made, then, of the FBI or special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation – now that it’s been revealed that one of their lead investigators was an anti-Trump, pro-Hillary Clinton partisan?

Mueller even had to fire the agent, Peter Strzok, after emails surfaced in which he showed disdain for Trump and fondness for Clinton – clearly compromising his status as an alleged fair inquisitor.

Given what we know now about Strzok, it’s not just the impartiality of the Mueller probe that has been called into question: Strzok was also involved in the interview of Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn – and, even more notably, the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

He may even have been involved in her bizarre exoneration by then-FBI Director James Comey: Reports say Strzok changed Comey’s written characterization of Clinton’s actions in the email scandal from “grossly negligent” – the words that would have formed a legal basis to charge her with crimes – to the equally serious but legally harmless “extremely careless.”

One report says Strzok’s role is being investigated in the Clinton email case and “a number of other politically sensitive cases.”

So a lead agent in investigations of both of them is unabashedly pro-Clinton and anti-Trump?

Then there’s Andrew Weissmann – another member of Mueller’s investigative team who wrote an email to an Obama-era holdover in the Department of Justice, Sally Yates, expressing his delight that she defied Trump earlier this year on his proposed ban on travel from a handful of terror-prone nations.

“I am so proud,” Weissmann allegedly wrote Yates. “And in awe. Thank you so much. All my deepest respects.”

What, then, of Mueller’s work product are we to believe is objective and apolitical?



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