Editorial: ‘Fair-weather feminists’

Really? It’s taken 20 years for “feminists” to assess Bill Clinton’s actions?

For those of us who opposed Bill Clinton’s naked predation from the start – and who have endured endless rebuke these many years from liberals who supported him over his many female victims – it’s fulfilling to watch as they tie themselves into knots explaining away their hypocrisy.


Democrat presidential hopeful Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, who holds Hillary Clinton’s old Senate seat, set even Democrats aflame with indignation when she opined recently that, in retrospect, Bill Clinton should’ve resigned the presidency over his affair with young White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

“Things have changed today, and I think under those circumstances, there should be a very different reaction,” Gillibrand recently told The New York Times.

Really? Really? Gillibrand needed two decades to figure out it was wrong in every way for a president to frolick with the White House help? And pray tell us, what has so markedly changed in gender relations in the past 20 years – except in the past two months, as more predators have been exposed? Were the ’90s really that “Dark Ages” for Gillibrand and Co.?

Gillibrand is all the more hypocritical given that she worked on the Hillary Clinton senatorial campaign way back in 1999 – right in the midst of the scandal. She was at ground zero. And yet she waits until the “bimbo eruptions” of 2017 to come to this conclusion? How convenient.

“Only one year after (Clinton’s) husband had publicly humiliated her and the nation,” writes Naomi Schaefer Riley, a senior fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum, “Gillibrand decided Hillary Clinton was her role model.”

Of Gillibrand’s “reassessment” of Bill Clinton, former Hillary Clinton aide Philippe Reines tweeted,“Over 20 yrs you took the Clintons’ endorsements, money, and seat. Hypocrite.”

She’s in ample, if not at all good, company. The line of hypocritical “fair-weather feminists” just got longer with CBS/PBS broadcaster Charlie Rose, this week accused of harassment by eight women over the years. Yet, Rose has the chutzpah to say, “In my 45 years in journalism, I have prided myself on being an advocate for the careers of the women with whom I have worked.”

Why not? That’s what got Bill Clinton by with liberals all these years.



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