They are the fascists

Some folks on the left don’t think students ought to be made to say the Pledge of Allegiance, or that professional football players should be told by their employers to stand for the National Anthem.


But there seems to be a loyalty oath now by which Americans are supposed to swear allegiance to political correctness. Or else.

We agree, and said so at the time, that President Trump should’ve been more explicit and expedient in his denunciation of neo-Nazis and white supremacists the day of the Charlottesville, Va., violence. But though he’s more than made up for it, the left and its lapdog media won’t let it go.

In fact, other politicians have been given the liberal litmus test. Did they denounce the Charlottesville rally? Did they do it soon enough? Did they do it in the “correct” way? If not, why not? Hmmmm …

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach – who was already in the liberal doghouse for having worked for a secure border and legal immigration – was sharply upbraided by the Kansas City Star for having been delinquent in his tardy repudiation of the Charlottesville violence.

“Kris Kobach is in no hurry to repudiate racist violence,” the editorial’s headline blared.

Kobach condemned the violence, though not soon enough for the newspaper’s taste. He also made the quite reasonable point that he’s running for governor of Kansas, not Virginia.

Alas, liberal litmus tests, like a liberal vision for the nation, know no borders.

Perhaps understandably, Kobach wondered why it was so essential he come out against racist violence. Wouldn’t any reasonable person be disgusted by it, and by the killing of an innocent young girl? So, we have to prove our disgust to the media now – or risk being branded with the “R” word?

Our question is, why? And why attack politicians who don’t do what the liberal media want, when they want it?

Do the media just presume Kobach and other politicians secretly harbor Nazi sympathies if they don’t say they don’t? Or are they just trying to wound such politicians? Which is it?

Have we really come to that point? That a small fringe group of right-wing zealots can require every politician in America to take a litmus test of the media’s choosing? Do we really assume the worst in each other and our leaders?

And is this litmus test being applied evenly? Are others presumed guilty for the actions of people they don’t know? Are liberal politicians being called out by name for not rebuking violent leftists quickly or soundly enough? Maybe you’ve seen these leftists: They’re the ones in black wearing masks to conceal their identities as they show up to cause havoc at conservative events, such as the president’s rally in Phoenix Tuesday night.

Politico reported this week that far-left radicals plan to revive “Occupy” tactics later this year – basically occupying and clogging up public places around the country – in a coordinated effort to overturn last November’s election and drive President Trump, and somehow even Vice President Mike Pence, from office.

What is that? In any other country it would sound like an attempted coup.

They conveniently fancy themselves anti-fascists, but it’s hard to imagine a more fascist movement than one that tries to nullify a free and fair election, while doing its best to stifle dissent and block any actions or words it disagrees with.

They are the fascists.

Let’s see the denunciations from liberal politicians.



Sun, 02/18/2018 - 00:03

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