Bottom Line

It took seven long years, but the end came swiftly and surely — and mercifully.


Andre Jackson was handed two consecutive, well-earned life sentences without parole Aug. 4 after being found guilty in the brutal stabbing deaths of two Augusta acquaintances in 2010: 36-year-old L.V. Wilson and 27-year-old Janee J. Johnson.

After a trial that spanned a couple weeks over a couple months — interrupted by the 36-year-old Jackson’s erratic behavior while serving as his own counsel — the Richmond County Superior Court jury needed but two hours to pronounce its judgment.

It just so happens Jackson was already serving a life sentence without parole for a 2013 armed robbery conviction — a sentence helped along by an impressive criminal résumé.

The chain-link life sentences are effectively a time-release death penalty, which Jackson richly warranted for such brutal killings: Mr. Wilson was beaten before having his throat slit, while Ms. Johnson’s repeated stabbing may have been interrupted only by the failure of the knife, the blade of which broke off mid-stabbing.

It gives no one here any pleasure, but some measure of relief, to see such a feral creature caged for all time.



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