The Pit Bull of Pyongyang

When will China pull the choke on Kim — and pull us back from the brink?

North Korea is boxing China and the United States into opposite corners.


The rogue regime of nutty Kim Jong-un – having tested yet another intercontinental ballistic missile this past week that seems capable of striking the U.S., not to mention North Korea’s neighbors – is pushing the world to action.

All the while, China – perhaps the only country than can yet put a peaceful stop to North Korea’s war drums – retreats into inaction and wanton negligence.

What are we to do? What are Japan and South Korea to do? Can anything short of military action stop this? And won’t military action risk mass casualties? What carnage can Kim Jong-un rain down on Seoul before he can be stopped?

Why can’t China put a stop to this? Why won’t it?

Perhaps Beijing enjoys seeing North Korea box the U.S. into a corner. But China is in one too. Does it really want to see the U.S. further militarize the Korean peninsula and/or Japan? Does China really want the refugee crisis on its border with North Korea that would likely result from a military conflagration?

After decades of weak U.S. actions on North Korea – featuring failed varying attempts to bribe and isolate and punish North Korea – perhaps the Chinese don’t fully realize how no-nonsense our president is.

Neither he nor Japan nor South Korea can hardly afford nonsense anymore. North Korea is just too close to being able to weaponize a nuclear bomb on a missile. What will happen when North Korea has the capability of nuclear blackmail?

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Monday he and Mr. Trump have agreed on an action-oriented strategy, with the president pledging to take “all necessary measures” to protect Japan.

U.S. bombers, joined by Japanese and South Korean jets, held ominous drills over the Korean peninsula Sunday in a show of force in the wake of North Korea’s latest test of an ICBM that is said to have the range to hit U.S. cities.

At least, Beijing ought to find it all ominous. We frankly don’t know what the heck they’re thinking.

Nor do we know if economic pressure will yet cause China to rein in its pit bull of Pyongyang. But it may be the last hope for a peaceful resolution.

North Korea is pushing the world to war on China’s front porch. You’d think that would have China’s full attention – and cooperation.

If not, and our worst fears are realized, will China not be as much to blame as Kim Jong-un?



Wed, 02/21/2018 - 22:10

Rick McKee Editorial Cartoon