Send in the Marine

America, and much of the world, are depending on a functional White House

We noted last week that the rest of the country increasingly has its stuff together, nowhere more so than Augusta – and that Washington, D.C., should come along.


The embattled Trump administration took an amazingly swift step in the direction of sanity and progress in the past few days by promoting Gen. John Kelly to presidential chief of staff. Kelly, in turn, took another step forward in immediately ousting the crude, bellicose bull in the White House china shop: newly inaugurated communications director Anthony Scaramucci.

We haven’t seen so many reboots in Washington since the rollout of The hope now is that Gen. Kelly will impose discipline on a chaotic, combative White House that has been tripping over itself repeatedly and getting in the way of its own agenda.

Even opponents should want the Trump agenda to succeed. Lower regulations and taxes, more vibrant economic growth, increased national security, a health-care system on the mend – all of these things and more will lead to a more prosperous and secure America.

It’s inarguable that the world would also be better off with an America on the comeback.

We are, in short, banking on Gen. Kelly to straighten up the disarray and diminish the discord at the highest levels of our government.

Once order is installed in the West Wing, it’s Capitol Hill’s turn.

Republicans, led by dissenting senators John McCain of Arizona, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine, failed miserably in their long-promised effort to repeal the nosediving Obamacare. Apparently the firm of McCain, Murkowski and Collins is content to leave the country with a failing health care system.

Democrats, too. In a perverse headline, the New York Times trumpeted Democrat obstruction as the party’s “health care victory.” Really? Saddling the nation with a failing system in which growing numbers of Americans are unable to afford either premiums or deductibles – from a quickly shrinking field of insurers – and then failing to lift a finger to fix it is a “victory”? Aren’t we setting the bar a tad low?

In addition, as The Hill notes, “The House has no budget and no specific plan for preventing a government shutdown or debt ceiling breach as it heads into its August recess.”

We may need a full battalion of John Kellys to get this government functioning again.