The coming calamity

With complete failure on all sides in D.C., how can the reckoning be far off?

Since it has become the new national pastime, let the blame game begin.


Certainly there’s plenty of blame to go around for Congress’ abject failure to repeal and replace the collapsing calamity known as Obamacare.

Indeed, if Democrats fashioned this Hindenburg – and they did, all by themselves – then Republicans have certainly done nothing to change its crash course. And, apparently oblivious of their own culpability, Democrats have watched gleefully from the wings, not lifting a finger to help prevent their doomed dirigible from plunging into a flaming heap – our collective health in the balance.

The upshot is that our grabby, inept Washington politicians are about to pilot the stellar, world’s-envy American health care system, which they took the wheel of in 2010, straight into the ground.

Many Americans may be wholly unaware of that mountainside quickly approaching us. That, in turn, is a failure of the national news media, which have eagerly gone down every rabbit hole in Russia but haven’t adequately warned the public about the coming cataclysm – either the health care one or the likely financial one to follow.

Republicans, wholly incompetent in their inability to replace Obamacare as they frothily promised to do for seven years, now risk allowing our health care system to collapse – and perhaps with it our financial system.

We’re on the path toward financial ruin, and a catastrophic reset, anyway. Obamacare’s lingering natural death will only accelerate the day of reckoning, and perhaps deepen its impact.

The core problem: our descent into unbridled socialism, which Obamacare is merely the poster child for. Look around you. Socialism, like its half-sister communism, doesn’t work in the long run. It eventually falls of its own weight. Consider Venezuela. Look to Western Europe, whose economies are likewise bowing under the weight of impossible spending and unsustainable largesse.

The difference may only be that we have farther to fall.

It’s all ominously evocative of the fabled failures of Rome. Our leaders are fiddling while Washington burns, along with our Treasury.

Blithely they hop and skip our halls of power, kicking various cans down the road and all along blaming each other for their failures – yet, happily for them, still able to cash the fat checks we write them.

A pox on our House. And Senate.

They’re carrying on as if everything is fine – that we can, in perpetuity, outspend our ability to pay for it, by borrowing from hostile powers and future generations and no one, anywhere, anytime, will ever call a halt to it.

Well, guess what: Our lenders will. Nature will. Mathematics will. Our own greed and our leaders’ ineptitude and shortsightedness will make certain an unruly, uncaring end to this corrupt orgy of profligacy and indifference.

Blame Republicans for complete failure to accomplish any of the objectives they were put in charge to achieve. We do, unreservedly. But don’t forget that Democrats designed and built this Hindenburg Health Care Act that now threatens the stability and financial future of the republic. And those same Democrats are now warming their hands near the resulting inferno as if they weren’t the ones who lit the match.

Stock market gains and economic optimism – completely dependent on Republicans’ promises of lower taxes, health-care reform and more – will prove sadly transitory if Republicans can’t get their act together. Anticipation of good things only carries you so far.

In contrast, with so much failure flooding the nation’s capital, how can a day of reckoning not be far behind?



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